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Pittsburgh’s Latino immigrant community reacts to Biden’s win with optimism, realism

Pittsburgh's Latinos are encouraged, but they also are hyper-aware of the limits of Biden’s victory.

Los nuevos ‘equipos relámpago ’ de la prueba de COVID-19 ayudarán a Pensilvania ampliar...

Con Pensilvania enfrentando un creciente número de casos y con miles hospitalizados, la administración Wolf dice que está implementando nuevos "equipos relámpago" de las pruebas de COVID-19 en todo el estado para ofrecer pruebas para contener aún más su propagación.

With one election barely over, state lawmakers look to make fixes ahead of the...

Time’s likely up for Pennsylvania’s Legislature to override the outcome of the 2020 election. But lawmakers have already turned their eyes to changing how Pennsylvanians vote in the future.

Philly Rep. Kenyatta honored for LGBTQ advocacy work

Kenyatta has received the Victory Institute’s Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award, which honors an “up-and-coming state or local LGBTQ elected official whose promising political career will move equality forward.”

Can Trump pardon himself? Common sense says no. The Constitution is another matter |...

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering proactive pardons. It may be up to the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on whether presidents can pardon themselves.

CDC panel advises states to prioritize health care workers, nursing home residents for COVID-19...

The priority groups tapped for the initial wave of vaccines encompass some 24 million Americans: 21 million health care workers and 3 million in nursing homes and assisted-living centers. 

Pa. Planned Parenthood boss resigns over hostile workplace culture claims | Wednesday Morning Coffee

Leadership at the abortion rights organization says it's committed to building a culture of inclusion and to fighting structural racism 'at all levels.'

Eugene DePasquale files to run against Perry in 2022. But it’s not what you...

The functional purpose of filing paperwork to keep a campaign committee active is to be able to legally fundraise. And there are two reasons to fundraise: Because you need money to run or because you need money to pay off debt.

The Electoral College is dangerously vulnerable to manipulation. It’s time to fix it |...

The Electoral College certainly can be criticized. But it does work in its fashion. Its actual dangers are real, however, and should be addressed.

New pandemic relief proposal rolled out by bipartisan group in Congress

While it’s not clear whether the proposal has the support of any legislative leaders or the White House, the renewed push for aid comes at a critical time as infections spiral in many states.