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A prayer for peace at the Pa. Capitol this weekend. It’s a house we...

So, please, if you're going to march on Sunday, don't break anything. Don't hurt anyone. Raise your voices. Protest. But remember the state Capitol is a home for all of us.

Pa. Rep. Brendan Boyle pushes criminal investigation of Trump for Capitol attack

“Provided there is sufficient evidence, as I strongly believe there is, Donald Trump must be indicted, arrested, and put on trial. And if convicted, he should go to prison.”

Police Chiefs: No specific threats yet against Pa. Capitol, but ‘an abundance of caution’...

The Pennsylvania National Guard also has activated 400 members to provide backup, but only some of them will be in Harrisburg, officials said.

Los defensores de la inmigración presionan a Biden a no solo recuperar DACA sino...

Pero los defensores de la inmigración están presionando para que el programa de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia no solo sea reafirmado sino expandido y escrito en ley. Ellos lo ven como un objetivo mínimo en la política de inmigración, con protección de deportación para los miembros de la familia de los destinatarios de DACA también.