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Could a new federal agency revive the Great Lakes region?

A veteran Democratic lawmaker is devising a plan for a massive influx of federal aid to boost the region, which has suffered losses over the last decade.

Joining RGGI will help Pa.’s economy grow smarter — and healthier | Opinion

By joining RGGI, the Commonwealth would be taking steps to ensure that all Pennsylvanians reap the benefits of a clean economy.
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U.S. EPA boss slams Chesapeake Bay lawsuit as ‘frivolous’ 

U.S. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler warned that the legal action will hamstring efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. 

Virginia, Md. D.C. to sue EPA for failing to make sure Pa. meets Chesapeake...

The lawsuits will center on deficiencies in Pennsylvania and New York’s Phase III Watershed Implementation Plans, which were submitted to the EPA for review in August 2019. 

Stacey Abrams part of new group targeting climate voters in Pa. in 2020 |...

Former Clinton/Obama aide John Podesta is also part of the push into critical battleground states as progressives try to motivate swing state voters.

As Pa. emerges from shutdown, climate activists see parallels and opportunities

The Better Path Coalition, along with the Natural Resources Defense Council, are hoping that others will see the opportunity to address climate change head-on as the state gradually opens up.

Lawmakers need to uphold Wolf’s veto of Big Oil giveaway bill | Capital-Star Letters

Now is the time to invest in cleaner, renewable energy, not a dying industry. Our representatives and senators should uphold Gov. Tom Wolf's veto.

Suspending EPA regs during pandemic is a dirty precedent | Capital-Star Letters

The current administration places big business and the petrochemical industry over the health and safety of citizens and the environment.

Bracing for the impact of climate change, local governments look to state for help

Working with the state Department of Environmental Protection, local municipalities such as 13,500-person Indiana Borough , are putting plans in place to protect their communities from climate-related changes and disasters. 

Earth Day 2020: The EPA can’t use the pandemic as an excuse for weakening...

In the 1970s, Republicans actually got behind serious environmental regulation.They need to get serious and do that again.