Energy & Environment

Biden’s infrastructure plan targets lead pipes that threaten public health across the U.S. –...

President Joe Biden has proposed spending $45 billion to replace every lead water pipe and service line in the nation. A public health expert explains why he sees this as a worthwhile investment.

New report finds lead in majority of Allegheny Co. water systems, offers strategies to...

By Kimberly Rooney PITTSBURGH -- With many outdated water systems located throughout the country, many with varying levels of transparency, it's often difficult to know exactly what’s in the water that flows out of our...

New funding to curb wildfires pushed in Congress, as another fire season looms

As wildfires across the United States grow in size, intensity and duration each summer,  members of Congress from the West are pushing for massive new investments in ecosystem management and wildfire mitigation.

House, Senate GOP stymie Wolf on climate change, hold up key appointments | Monday...

Republicans are setting a 'reckless precedent,' by holding up appointments to a key state agency, the Wolf administration says.

The U.S. electric power sector is halfway to zero carbon emissions | Analysis

Renewable energy’s rapid growth is accelerating a national shift to a carbon-free electric power system.

United Mine Workers union comes out in support of transition to clean energy

Fossil fuel labor unions and environmentalists have often been at odds, and in large part, still are in Southwestern Pennsylvania, but UMWA’s support may be a new starting point.

Earth Day 2021: Philly, Allegheny Co. get ‘Fs’ on air quality in new report...

A new American Lung Association report grades all 67 counties on high ozone days and particle pollution.

Plastic bag preemption suit takes aim at long time Harrisburg dealmaking mechanism

A legal challenge filed by Pennsylvania local governments to eliminate a state law blocking them from regulating single-use plastics could also threaten Harrisburg dealmaking as we know it. The suit, filed in Commonwealth Court in...

REPORT: These states export the most energy | The Numbers Racket

A report from, a commodity trading and investment company, shows just how much energy production has changed across the country and which states now dominate the sector. 

Congressional panel splits on regulation of ‘orphaned’ oil and gas wells

The Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee hearing was held to consider a bill introduced by Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez, D-N.M., that would authorize $8 billion over 10 years to reclaim oil and gas wells that were abandoned by defunct companies and not properly cleaned up. The measure represents a first step in a priority laid out in President Joe Biden’s infrastructure and jobs plan late last month.