Energy & Environment

In the aftermath of a devastating winter storm, can we take lessons from Texas?...

Keep politics out of it. You can’t deliver reliable power that is also reasonably priced without robust regulation.

Pa. once had a near-miss with Texas-sized deregulation. We have to remember our history...

We need to support and bolster the efforts of our Consumer Advocate in protecting Pennsylvanians from the excesses of the energy industry.

Saylor to DEP: What assurance do you have Pa. citizens ‘aren’t going to die...

A top Pennsylvania Republican repeated a narrative without expert backing about Texas’ power failures during a budget hearing with state environmental regulators on Monday. While asking questions of Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Patrick McDonnell,...

DEP announces new funding to expand Pa.’s electric vehicle infrastructure

As of November 2020, there were more than 29,000 electric vehicles registered in Pennsylvania, according to the DEP’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap.

As Allegheny County finally meets clean air standards, environmentalists are concerned the victory could...

This rule, which has been in effect for decades under the federal Clean Air Act, measures and regulates limits for six pollutants often attributed with acid rain, smog, air pollution, and human health hazards.

Pa. parks see growth during pandemic | The Numbers Racket

Nearly a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, people everywhere have taken up hobbies that allow them to mitigate their risk of exposure and practice social distancing while doing them. 

Will Baker, longtime head of Chesapeake Bay Foundation, to step down by year’s end

Baker, 67, joined the CBF as an intern in 1976 and became its leader in 1981, transforming the organization from a local environmental group into a regional powerhouse that mixes advocacy with conservation work, education programs and community outreach.

Biden to pause new oil and gas leases on public lands in sweeping climate...

The action on leases is likely to be among the most contentious climate actions by the new administration

How Trump loyalist Ted Cruz managed to annoy all of Pittsburgh | Analysis

The Texas Republican repeated tired lines about Pittsburgh that Trump used to justify his terrible decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement.

‘Millions of birds will die’: Last-minute Trump rule aids industry

The rule, set to take effect early next month, codifies a longstanding policy of Trump’s Interior Department: The Migratory Bird Treaty Act cannot be used to prosecute companies whose actions lead to accidental bird deaths.