Energy & Environment

‘Not a climate bill’: Environmental group pans proposed nuclear deal

Environmental groups are emerging as early critics of a proposed bailout of Pennsylvania's nuclear industry, a policy that state lawmakers are expected to debate early this year.The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a New...

Environmental advocates worry over creative math in Wolf’s budget

A look at Wolf's budget proposal shows nearly $63 million in cuts to the two departments responsible for environmental tasks.

With plant shutdowns looming, Pa.’s nuclear industry braces for a policy showdown

Pennsylvania gets almost half of its energy from nuclear power, but that could soon change if lawmakers don’t amend the state’s alternative energy policies.Two of Pennsylvania’s five nuclear power plants are headed toward shutdown...

‘Pennsylvania must do better:’ Advocacy community splits on Wolf’s budget plan

Where you stand on the administration's proposal for the fiscal year that starts on July 1 largely depends on where you sit.

Climate action has to be the major benchmark for environmental progress in Pa. |...

Pennsylvania can protect the environment and use market-based strategies to do it. This is how.