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GOP lawmaker from Carbon County says he wants to let Pa. state parks charge...

The proposal, which has been introduced twice before, would address the issues at Beltzville and other parks near state borders where traffic is high and allow DCNR to decide on and implement fees at their discretion, Heffley told the Capital-Star. 

Pa.’s building trade unions need to be allies, not opponents, of a cleaner climate...

Union leaders understandably want to protect jobs, But Democratic legislators must resist this union pressure and vote with a broader societal focus.

In Pittsburgh, Trump’s EPA announces methane rule rollback for gas wells, pipelines

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, degrades quicker than carbon dioxide, but can be between 25 to 70 times stronger than its more common counterpart.

Biden is trying to have it both ways on fracking. That could cost him...

Biden should get behind the grand jury report issued by Attorney General Josh Shapiro -- endearing him to progressives and pro-frackers alike.

Breastfeeding isn’t just healthy for mother and child; it’s good for the environment |...

Breastmilk lowers your carbon footprint because it is natural, renewable food that is environmentally safe. It is produced without pollution or waste.

Grand jury report on fracking should be a catalyst for change. This is why...

Read the report. And then ask yourself this simple question: would you let your family live in a community with fracking?

These are the 10 most popular Pennsylvania state parks

Take a look at this list, based on data from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’s Bureau of State Parks. 

Pa. lawmakers join bipartisan vote on public lands bill; Trump to sign it

The bill would provide $9.5 billion over five years to pay down the National Park Service’s maintenance backlog and provide permanent funding at $900 million per year for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Lawmakers seeking to crack down on toxic chemicals suffer another setback

The Senate isn’t expected to include a provision creating a national drinking standard in its version of the bill.

After closed door dealings, General Assembly sends Wolf revised nat. gas tax credit bill;...

The proposal, a limited version of a bill Wolf vetoed this spring, would provide upwards of $600 million in tax breaks to, at most, four manufacturing facilities that use Pennsylvania-drilled methane gas to produce fertilizer or other products.