Energy & Environment

Wolf’s cap-and-trade plan isn’t real climate action. Here’s what is | Opinion

Gov. Tom Wolf is doing something about climate change. But doing something is not the same thing as taking action that will have real impact.

Bipartisan bills in state House and Senate increase access to solar energy

Legislation now before the state House and Senate would allow Pennsylvania utility customers subscribe to 100 percent solar energy from their local power company.

Pa. Health department has collected just 160 complaints on oil and gas production in...

Despite a natural gas boom and health concerns over drilling from environmentalists, the state Department of Health has received just 160 complaints related to drilling over the last decade.On Thursday, Stephanie Hasanali, of the...

An electric car tax won’t solve Pa’s transportation woes, but it could increase pollution...

The real problem of insufficient funding for transportation needs a real solution. Taxing electric car drivers isn't the way to go.

Why Pa. needs to say no to regional cap-and-trade | Opinion

The regional compact doesn't pass the basic sniff test.

Dozens of Pa. bird species are under threat from climate change, National Audubon Society...

The species include such easily recognizable birds as the pine warbler, the red-headed woodpecker, and the American black duck,

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Atlantic Coast Pipeline case

The order by the court consolidates two cases brought by environmental groups against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the U.S. Forest Service. No date has been set for oral arguments.

Ag Secretary Perdue to small farmers: Stop whining, your demise is inevitable | Opinion

The Trump White House's contempt for rural Americans, who helped them win the White House in 2016, could not be more on display.

‘No child should ever be locked up’: SEIU Healthcare members want ICE detention center...

Immigrant families have cited extended stays in the center as the cause of emotional trauma in children who’ve been detained.

Wolf begins process to bring Pennsylvania into regional cap-and-trade program

The Democrat announced Thursday that he is beginning the process to enter the commonwealth into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, described as the "first mandatory market-based program in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”