Energy & Environment

The world is getting warmer. What can Pennsylvania do about it?

Warming temperatures are wreaking havoc on civilizations across the globe. And it will get worse as human-caused climate change intensifies floods, acidifies oceans, and renders coastal areas uninhabitable due to rising sea levels.Pennsylvania will...

Where we are, where we’ve been: A look at Pennsylvania’s oil-rich history

Even today, few industries — aside from coal and steel — have had the same impact on the state as oil and gas drilling. The state was at one time the country’s leading producer in the oil and gas industry since the 1850s, creating thousands of jobs across the commonwealth and driving its economy for much of the 20th century.

How Turzai’s going-away present to the gas industry will hurt Pa. for years to...

The plan will cost Pa. untold billions in tax money. Tell your House and Senate lawmaker to uphold a gubernatorial veto. Send your note now.

Could charging Pa. motorists for rush-hour driving pay for infrastructure? PennDOT wants to find...

Officials at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation told a House panel this week that they’re studying a congestion fee as a solution to the state’s constant search for cash to fund highway and public transit investment.

Critics slam Trump attempt to overhaul bedrock environmental law

Last month, the White House unveiled a massive rewrite of the regulations sometimes referred to as the “Magna Carta” of federal environmental laws.

Wolf proposes staffing increases, fee hikes in DEP’s budget request

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee suggested that the fee hikes for for dumping in landfills and drilling for natural gas, are just a stealth tax hike.

Air pollution kills thousands of Americans every year. Here’s a low-cost strategy to reduce...

By Jason West and Yang OuAbout 1 of every 25 deaths in the U.S. occurs prematurely because of exposure to air pollution. Dirty air kills roughly 110,000 Americans yearly, which is more than all...

3 things Rep. Metcalfe’s one-sided hearing got wrong about RGGI | Opinion

It’s not possible to refute every false and misleading claim that came out of the hearing in one op-ed. But Commonwealth residents deserve to know the truth about a few critical facts when it comes to RGGI and the future of our environment.

Why Pa.’s public pension funds have millions of dollars of your money tied up...

According to an annual report released last November by the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System, the teachers’ pension fund has $336 million dollars worth of stock invested in the controversial pipeline company. That’s the pensions’ third biggest holding of a single U.S.-based publicly traded asset.

In one-sided hearing, coal workers lay out dire stakes for cap-and-trade

Opponents described the plan as a “nuclear tipped cruise missile” aimed at the coal power industry. Republicans have discussed going to court to stop it.