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With fate of the Chesapeake Bay on the line, Pa. needs to up its...

"If Pennsylvania does not meet its obligations ... the Chesapeake Bay will never be saved," William C. Baker, the president of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation said.

Landmark climate policy faces growing claims of environmental racism | Analysis

The Pa. Department of Environmental Protection noted that cap-and-trade will not solve the climate crisis on its own, touting its enforcement of other air pollution regulations.

Climate change is affecting us all, increasingly those of us in Philadelphia | Opinion

There is reason for hope on federal methane policy next year as we all seek to turn the page on a devastating and traumatic 2020.

Pa.’s natural gas industry is powering the economy and leading on climate change |...

Natural gas use for electricity generation has increased over 270 percent between 2007 and 2017, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, helping Pennsylvania cut power sector carbon emissions by nearly 40 percent over the same time period.

Pennsylvania needs more jobs. RGGI will create them — by investing in energy efficiency...

This opportunity arrives not a moment too soon. Pennsylvania’s pandemic recession numbers are bleak: the state government faces a nearly $5 billion shortfall over two years, and 453,000 payroll jobs will be lost this year in the Commonwealth. Leadership should do everything in its power to swiftly and sustainably rebuild the economy.

Energy projects statewide receive COVID restart grants | Wednesday Morning Coffee

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority had awarded $1.7 million in COVID-19 restart grants to 11 clean energy and energy efficiency programs across the commonwealth. 

What you need to know about this year’s winter solstice and the great conjunction...

This year's winter solstice is also when Saturn and Jupiter appear closest to each other for 60 years, Here's what you need to know about both the events.

Joining RGGI is a vital step in addressing Pa.’s carbon pollution problem | Opinion

This is a vital step to take, as many other states have already joined  RGGI and within 10 years were able to decrease carbon pollution by 47 percent, outpacing the rest of  the country by 90 percent. When Pennsylvania joins RGGI, it is projected to further reduce carbon  emissions statewide by a massive 188 million tons by 2030. This is exactly the type of policy  initiative we should be prioritizing in our state. 

‘Get real’ when considering a Christmas tree | Opinion

Real Christmas trees are recyclable and renewable resources that clean our water and our air and provide important habitat for wildlife. Buying a real Christmas tree every year also supports local growers and that is good for the local economy.

School districts, like Philly, shouldn’t have to rely on handouts to make sure kids...

A 2014 school facilities study of roughly 1,194 of the 3,100 public school buildings in the Commonwealth found that 66 percent of them were constructed before 1970, making it likely that they contain asbestos.