Energy & Environment

Washington County state reps call for federal study of rare cancer

Ewing sarcoma typically only occurs 200 to 250 times a year in the U.S.

Congress urged to make ‘Apollo-type’ investment to combat climate disaster

“The ice, unfortunately, doesn’t care what our discretionary funding is, it just keeps melting,” one expert told lawmakers.

Wolf pitches $4.5 billion infrastructure plan as way to expand broadband access in Pa.

It could cost as much as much as $715 million to bring high-speed broadband to every house in the state, according to Wolf’s office.

Representing himself, Cumberland County resident battles Sunoco attorneys over pipeline concerns

The case shows the frustration many Pennsylvania residents have with the petroleum giant.

Climate change is driving rapid shifts between high and low water levels on the...

The Great Lakes are, collectively, a critical water resource. That's why we need to preserve them - and keep them healthy.

How your diet may be contributing to dead zones in Lake Erie and the...

Scientists are predicting major algae blooms in Lake Erie and large dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay and Gulf of Mexico this summer. Nutrient pollution from industrial corn farming is a major driver.

Hundreds of U.S. public water systems are just like Flint’s – we just don’t...

Flint's highest recorded lead levels were in the typical range for water systems that report problems. What's more, a number of cities haven't reported their lead issues. There are several major cities -- and hundreds of smaller ones -- with lead levels as high or higher.

When you’re doing nothing, you’re really doing everything | John L. Micek

Life circles. The sun still shines. The music still blares. And I laugh at that younger me who once would have bristled at this delightful idleness.

What Pa.’s green lawmakers and environmentalists think of this year’s budget

A trend of environmental issues seemingly playing second fiddle to other state priorities continued in the latest budget, according to environmental advocates. 

How visiting a national park could change the way you think about patriotism |...

By Jennifer LadinoWhen I took a post-college job as a seasonal ranger at Grand Teton National Park 23 years ago, I noticed right away that my “Smokey Bear” hat carried some serious emotional baggage....