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As Pa. emerges from shutdown, climate activists see parallels and opportunities

The Better Path Coalition, along with the Natural Resources Defense Council, are hoping that others will see the opportunity to address climate change head-on as the state gradually opens up.

Lawmakers need to uphold Wolf’s veto of Big Oil giveaway bill | Capital-Star Letters

Now is the time to invest in cleaner, renewable energy, not a dying industry. Our representatives and senators should uphold Gov. Tom Wolf's veto.

Suspending EPA regs during pandemic is a dirty precedent | Capital-Star Letters

The current administration places big business and the petrochemical industry over the health and safety of citizens and the environment.

Bracing for the impact of climate change, local governments look to state for help

Working with the state Department of Environmental Protection, local municipalities such as 13,500-person Indiana Borough , are putting plans in place to protect their communities from climate-related changes and disasters.

Earth Day 2020: The EPA can’t use the pandemic as an excuse for weakening...

In the 1970s, Republicans actually got behind serious environmental regulation.They need to get serious and do that again.

Pa. officials reject Trump EPA move to ease enforcement during pandemic

WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania officials are pledging tough enforcement of environmental laws during the COVID-19 pandemic after the Trump administration announced that it would ease up on pollution rules. Late last month, the U.S. EPA laid...

Clean energy can be a pillar of the Coronavirus Recovery | Opinion

Climate change remains a very real, very imminent threat. We cannot let our response to one crisis destroy our efforts to stop another by locking in more carbon pollution for decades.

The partisan divide over climate change is as deep as ever, poll finds |...

A February study by the Pew Research Center found that a growing number of Americans share concerns over climate change. Over the last four years, the percentage of Americans who think climate change should be...

Wolf vetoes multi-million methane tax credit, gas allies push for override

This story was updated at 1:48 pm with additional information.Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed a multi-million dollar tax credit for petrochemical manufacturing.Wolf had promised the veto in early February as the bill passed the...

What our ‘Year Without a Winter’ tells us about the real threat of climate...

According to AccuWeather readings at the Pittsburgh airport, the temperature from January 1 to March 19 averaged 5 degrees above normal.