Energy & Environment

Wolf proposes staffing increases, fee hikes in DEP’s budget request

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee suggested that the fee hikes for for dumping in landfills and drilling for natural gas, are just a stealth tax hike.

Air pollution kills thousands of Americans every year. Here’s a low-cost strategy to reduce...

By Jason West and Yang OuAbout 1 of every 25 deaths in the U.S. occurs prematurely because of exposure to air pollution. Dirty air kills roughly 110,000 Americans yearly, which is more than all...

3 things Rep. Metcalfe’s one-sided hearing got wrong about RGGI | Opinion

It’s not possible to refute every false and misleading claim that came out of the hearing in one op-ed. But Commonwealth residents deserve to know the truth about a few critical facts when it comes to RGGI and the future of our environment.

Why Pa.’s public pension funds have millions of dollars of your money tied up...

According to an annual report released last November by the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System, the teachers’ pension fund has $336 million dollars worth of stock invested in the controversial pipeline company. That’s the pensions’ third biggest holding of a single U.S.-based publicly traded asset.

In one-sided hearing, coal workers lay out dire stakes for cap-and-trade

Opponents described the plan as a “nuclear tipped cruise missile” aimed at the coal power industry. Republicans have discussed going to court to stop it.

Pa. Lawmakers send natural gas tax credit for Wolf, who’s promised veto

Setting the stage for a gubernatorial veto and potential override showdown, state lawmakers have approved a $450 million tax credit designed to bring methane processing plants to northeastern Pennsylvania.

Wolf promises veto on natural gas tax incentive

Gov. Tom Wolf has pledged to veto a bill offering millions of dollars in tax credits to businesses that build new petrochemical or fertilizer production plants in Northeastern Pennsylvania

With eye on climate future, Pennsylvania makes allowances in cap-and-trade proposal for fossil fuel...

The rules, posted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection last week, would give free carbon credits to power plants that burn coal waste, which covers thousands of acres with black smoot while polluting streams.

#PABudget2020: Climate action is here and Pennsylvania is entering the race | Opinion

Given a lack of federal leadership to reduce greenhouse emissions, Pennsylvania has moved to join our neighboring states in taking real action on climate.

New F&M poll: Pennsylvania voters split on fracking

Pennsylvania voters are split nearly down the middle on an environmental issue that could be vital in the 2020 presidential election. Registered voters in the Keystone State have no clear consensus on the costs and...