Election 2020

Campaign Finance 101: How big money influences our politics, and how small money could...

Money is everywhere in American politics. It funds the campaign ads interrupting your streaming service, the glossy brochures clogging your mailbox, as well as the incessant buzzing of text messages imploring you to vote.

Amid the bombs, how Pa. took center stage at the first presidential debate |...

You might have missed it amid the bombs, but Pennsylvania played a pretty central role in the first debate.

Trump and Biden quarrel over mask mandates and state shutdowns in first presidential debate

The two men vying to become the next president offered a stark contrast to voters on face mask requirements and on how soon state economies should reopen amid the pandemic, just two of many areas where they squabbled during Tuesday’s contentious and often chaotic first debate.

Of yard signs and civility. If you want better — be better | Tuesday...

And so it was, on Saturday morning, that I came down one block in my neighborhood, and spotted a stash of signs, upended from their rightful places and tossed in the bushes.

The Capital-Star wanted to know. Here’s everything on my mind this election season |...

In no particular order, here's everything that's driving our columnist to absolute distraction this election season.

Pa. Senate Republicans take mail-in ballot fight to U.S. Supreme Court

The filing with the nation’s highest court comes just days after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied a similar request Corman and Scarnati filed with House Republican leaders.

Estimula el Voto ofrecerá distribución de alimentos e inscripción de votantes Martes en Pittsburgh

Durante este evento comunitario, los voluntarios le proveerán alimentos a 3,000 personas y les ayudarán a prepararse para ejercer su derecho al voto en noviembre. 

Allegheny Co. pols get down to basics on how to avoid sending naked ballots...

Allegheny County Council member Bethany Hallam would like a moment of your attention.

Poll: Mail-in ballots receive support from Pa.’s registered voters | The Numbers Racket

Conducted between Sept. 14-20, 2020, the poll surveyed 625 registered voters in Pennsylvania, including 296 Democrats, 250 Republicans and 79 Independents.

How state governments across the country are working to ensure election security | Analysis

By Jerod MacDonald-EvoyThere is no evidence, despite partisan claims to the contrary, that mail-in ballots are rife with voting fraud — but there are parts of the election system that security researchers say are...