Election 2020

Pa. Dems among voters targeted in threatening email campaign, report

Online analysts traced the pathway of at least one of the emails through a server in Saudi Arabia, a newspaper reported.

A W. Pa. lawmaker asks for forgiveness at the ballot box, as voters wonder...

State Rep. Aaron Bernstine, a Republican rocked by scandal, hopes voters will give him a second chance. A Democrat and independent have stepped up as alternatives.

As Pa. votes, abortion rights group EMILY’s List launches $1M push to flip the...

The push by EMILY's List comes as Democrats make a concerted effort to turn the state House blue in November.

In Pa. campaign stop, as COVID cases spike, Trump falsely claims nation is turning...

In a battleground county in a battleground state, Trump made a familiar pitch, even as COVID-19 cases spike statewide.

Young voices can shape our nation’s future. Let them be heard | Lloyd E....

Our country needs the revitalizing energy of our young citizens to break the miasma enshrouding our current political climate.

We need independent judicial review. We don’t need the filibuster. Let’s get rid of...

We need independent judicial review. We don’t need the filibuster. We need to get rid of it.

SWPa. billboard accusing Biden of dementia misspells … dementia

The billboard is located on Route 21 just outside of Uniontown, at the intersection of Matthew Drive and the Route 119 bypass.

Voting plus boycotting and activism equals revolution | Michael Coard

The fundamental rule of warfare is to find out what your enemy doesn’t want you to do and then you do that very thing.

Mail-in voting is safe and reliable: 5 essential reads | Opinion

From our colleagues at The Conversation, a digest of essential reads: Scholars explain how they know people can trust vote-by-mail systems.

Perry and DePasquale clash over Obamacare, QAnon at second debate

There was a good deal of deja vu Monday night as U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-10th District, and his Democratic challenger Eugene DePasquale, Pennsylvania’s auditor general, stepped on the debate stage together for the...