Election 2020

Destroying another norm, Trump pardoned four murdering war criminals | Dick Polman

That’s our boy, shredding American values to the bitter end.

In elections, education, like demographics, is now political destiny | Mark O’Keefe

It seems inevitable, for now anyway, that education levels will take their place among gender, race, and income levels in determining how elections are won and lost.

Citing issues in Pa., elsewhere, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley says he’ll contest certification of...

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley argued in a statement that Pennsylvania failed to adhere to its election laws by extending the deadline for mail-in ballots.

A presidential election like none other, and now an inauguration like none other

The last time a president did not participate in their successor’s inauguration was in 1869, when President Andrew Johnson left office and Ulysses S. Grant was sworn in.

What can Democrats learn from Trump’s 2020 performance? | Bruce Ledewitz

The fundamental lessons to learn from Trump’s election performance are that voters want order and prosperity. Both are necessary starting points for any kind of social progress

Senate GOP leader proposes special panel to review 2020 election

The special committee that Corman, R-Centre, outlined in a memo to his colleagues would consist of five Republican senators, including Corman, and four Democrats.

Lest we forget, Republicans were un-American long before Trump | Dick Polman

Only one major party is still committed to small-d democracy. If anti-MAGA Republicans don’t fight back during the next four years, it bodes ill for us as a nation.

Politicians quit Congress, but their ‘zombie’ campaigns stagger on with millions in the bank

The FEC asked the zombies’ treasurers to clarify their plans for the committees and potentially pay back any charges that could be classified as personal expenses, which would be a misuse of campaign funds.

In Trump election fraud cases, federal judges upheld the rule of law. But that’s...

President Trump's populist control of his party didn't extend to control in courtrooms where he challenged election results. That's where the rules of politics met the rules of law, and politics lost.

The big lesson of 2020: We have to fight to preserve and expand the...

Greater participation – more Americans exercising this fundamental right – brings us closer to the more perfect union.