Election 2020

Businesses cut off cash to D.C. after lawmakers challenged election results. Could Harrisburg be...

As U.S. Rep. Scott Perry prepared to cast a vote rejecting Pennsylvania’s certified election results last week, he justified his decision by pointing to a letter he received from 21 state senators.

W. Pa. Sen. Brewster takes oath of office in drama-free ceremony

The brief session did not include any remarks from Brewster or from leaders of the Democratic or Republican caucuses.

In wake of federal court ruling, Corman says Sen. Jim Brewster will be seated...

More than 300 voters who made minor errors casting their mail-in ballots will still have their votes counted in a close state Senate race, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. 

Capitol siege lays bare GOP electoral misinformation in Harrisburg

“I do believe words have consequences,” Republican state Rep. Natalie Mihalek, of Washington County, told the Capital-Star. “And those consequences were on full display” at the U.S. Capitol.

Pa. Senate Republicans denounce violence but stop short of accepting election results

Republican leaders in Pennsylvania’s state Senate were silent Wednesday night as Congress announced plans to resume counting Electoral College votes, even though days earlier they had urged federal lawmakers to delay the procedure.

In an administration full of flunkies, we owe U.S. Attorney David Freed some thanks...

Though this may be a divided nation right now, I think it would do us well to acknowledge things we can agree on. People that we can agree are good and noble, regardless of party affiliation, for example.

Democrats decry ‘farce’ as Senate descends into chaos over swearing-in

The session reached a fever pitch when Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Democrat who serves as Senate president, started to recognize Democratic lawmakers over the protests of Republicans. 

Senate GOP leaders say they’ll block swearing-in of Democratic lawmaker

The Pennsylvania House and Senate will swear in 228 veteran and newly elected lawmakers on Tuesday, kicking off a fresh legislative session in Harrisburg two months after an historic general election. 

Pa. Sen. Toomey: I’ll ‘vigorously defend our form of government’ when Congress meets to...

"The evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden won this election," the Lehigh Valley Republican said in a statement.

Eight of Pa.’s nine Republicans in the U.S. House say they will oppose certification...

There has been no proof of voter fraud. And all the lawmakers who signed the statement won re-election on Nov. 3 under the same ground rules.