Election 2020

‘We’ve seen more litigation than ever before;’ Pa. election coalition expects legal challenges through...

In a virtual press conference on Thursday, coalition partners addressed possible issues that voters could face through Nov. 3. They are looking at potential voter intimidation, illegal challenges at polling places, and legal provocations to delay vote counts, according to Walczak.

When you vote, make the choices that make sense to you | Opinion

Vote what makes sense. It will be a better world if you do. And argue with the ones you love, the life you save may be theirs.

Franklin & Marshall Poll: Biden leads Trump 50-44 percent in battleground Pa. | Thursday...

Voters listed the pandemic (27 percent) as their top concern this election season, with concerns about the economy finishing second at 21 percent.

U.S. Supreme Court turns down Pa. Republicans’ request to halt extended ballot deadline

The court did not give a reason for its decision, but held open the possibility that it could take up the issue after the election.

Western Pa. official claims postal service lost mail-in ballots

The U.S. Postal Service lost an unknown number of mail-in ballots  in a western Pennsylvania county, a local official said Wednesday.

‘It’s not a party that John Heinz would recognize’: Tom Nichols would like the...

The author and pundit, who has ties to Pennsylvania politics, has emerged as one of the loudest voices of the anti-Trump right.

Wolf on MSNBC: Pa. Republicans ‘aren’t in a position to steal the election’ |...

In an interview with Joy Reid, the Democratic governor said 'Pennsylvanians would not put up with' any electoral hijinks from the GOP-controlled General Assembly

A civic duty for today’s news consumer: Identifying misleading and false news stories |...

Remember to be a smart news consumer: Check your sources; critically evaluate stories, and look for accuracy errors.

‘Don’t wait’: Wolf, Boockvar urge Pa. voters to deliver mail-in ballots as soon as...

Registered voters in Pennsylvania have until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct 27 to request mail-in ballots online or at their county election office or at a satellite voting site.

Get to know Pa.’s Auditor General candidates: Nina Ahmad

In an effort to help voters make an informed decision this Nov., the Capital-Star will be doing Q&A’s with all four candidates for the Office of the Auditor General, a statewide position currently held by Eugene DePasquale.