Net price calculators were supposed to make it easier to understand the cost of...

While net price calculators are meant to help students figure out how much a particular college will cost, a new study reveals that many colleges' calculators distort the true cost of attendance.

Free college? ‘Why not?’ Lawmakers, educators, and students rally at the Capitol

It's not clear how the state would pay for such an effort, however.

Bipartisan lawmakers say it’s time to raise Pennsylvania teacher base pay to $45,000

It’s been 30 years since Pennsylvania last raised its starting salary for teachers, and a bipartisan group of lawmakers say it’s time for another update.A bill in the Senate would codify the proposal, first...

What to do about the disparities and irrationalities in Pa. school funding? | Opinion

Just another reminder that more money doesn't always mean a better result.

Should student poverty affect teacher evaluations? One senator used to say ‘no’ — but...

During a budget hearing last month, state Sen. Ryan Aument did something you don’t often see a politician do in public: He admitted that a law he wrote wasn’t working.

We need more teachers of color, so why do we use tests that keep...

Despite the known benefits of black students having black teachers, teacher license exams often stand in the way – even though they don't predict which teachers will be effective, a scholar says.

Brain Boost: Here’s how Pa. can attract and retain young talent | Opinion

Institutions individually, and legislators collectively, must continually work to keep the costs of public and private education affordable in Pennsylvania.

Pa.’s embattled state-owned universities are facing their challenges ‘aggressively and audaciously,’ top official says

The 14 state-owned universities are dealing with their challenges, including rising tuition and declining enrollment, "aggressively and audaciously," Chancellor Dan Greenstein said Monday.

Operation Varsity Blues cheating scandal: This is why meritocracy is a myth in college...

Even if wealthy parents don't resort to the kind of illegal tactics in the recent college cheating scandal revealed by the FBI, the college admission process still favors the rich, according to 3 scholars from one of the affected universities.

When we end the brain drain, we become the Keystone State again | Opinion

It's time for Pennsylvania to think big -- and to make some bold moves.