Pa.’s state-owned universities need a radical overhaul to survive | Colin McNickle

The Legislature must address the surplus of state-supported university capacity in an increasingly competitive environment.

This Harrisburg couple is working to increase access to opportunity — one child at...

Two weeks ago, during a service at Harrisburg Brethren In Christ, Senior Pastor Hank Johnson said something that really stood out for me:"We are disciples, called to make disciples,” he said, as my mind...

Map: Pa. education officials hit the road to hear input on new science standards

The department recently announced a statewide listening tour to collect public input as Pennsylvania prepares to reboot its K-12 science standards for the first time in 20 years.

Wolf, lawmakers need to close the early childhood education pay gap | Opinion 

This work that the state needs to be done by Pennsylvania citizens requires a fair price tag. It’s time to increase the rates the state pays to fund these services.

Pa. requires libraries in prisons. But not in schools. Why? | Opinion

By Debra E. KachelAll students are assessed on the same scale for standardized tests. If this were truly fair, shouldn't they also have access to the same educational resources with which to learn? An education...

It’s AG Josh Shapiro’s job to defend state agencies in court. Here’s why PHEAA...

Pennsylvania’s top lawyer can’t represent the state agency without compromising his duty to taxpayers.

#PaBudget 2020: Our students deserve safe and healthy schools. This should be Job One...

The stakes could not be higher. The lives of our young people, educators, and school staff are on the line, and we cannot wait a minute longer for action.

#PaBudget 2020: Let’s talk about fixing Pennsylvania’s educator shortage | Opinion

Pennsylvania needs to create a loan forgiveness program, allowing educators to worry less about monthly payments and more on the classroom.

Fracking has led to a ‘bust’ for Pennsylvania school district finances | Opinion

While it's portrayed as an economic boon, fracking in Pennsylvania actually has led to disadvantages in state school districts.

It’s School Choice Week in Pa. Don’t buy what its advocates are selling |...

Where are the billionaires printing up signs that proclaim parents’ love for their public schools, or paying to bus us to rallies?