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The panel would consider a number of factors when making a decision on how to pay for higher education in Pennsylvania

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We've created “Pathways to Prosperity”, a countywide workforce development plan that will help us reach our goals.

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It's the second week of March - which means that '500 Men Reading Week' is in full throttle here in Harrisburg.I was made aware of this initiative a few years ago through my now-good...

Mental health services decline in schools as police presence grows: report

Students in 2019 are more stressed and anxious than ever before, but new research suggests they're not getting the mental health services they need in school.

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Education group wants Wolf to prevent Corbett-appointed charter school board from making rulings

A leading education organization is calling on Gov. Tom Wolf to prevent a state board from ruling on charter school appeals until he works with the state Senate to fill its six seats.According to...

Fate of former Corbett official’s charter school lies with ex-colleagues

During her year-and-a-half stint as Pennsylvania’s top education executive, Carolyn Dumaresq oversaw hundreds of charter schools across the state.Last month, though, she hit a stumbling block in her quest to open one of her...