We need to enact ‘Phillip’s Law’ to save lives | Opinion

Our children are talking to us. They’re telling us what troubles them and what they need from us. Enacting this bill will ensure that we listen and heed.

Cheyney University’s turnaround is a blueprint to saving Pa.’s state-owned universities | Mark O’Keefe

Instead of waiting around for a state bailout, Cheyney officials acted on their own to cut waste and start programs that can attract new students.

It’s time to settle that school lunch debt | Editorial Cartoon

School districts are turning to collection agencies. Nope - no such thing as a free lunch.

Legislative panel will travel the state this fall to hear concerns on the way...

The panel will compile its findings in a report due by Nov. 30.

House Speaker Mike Turzai proposes school voucher program for Harrisburg City Schools 

The plan would require the Harrisburg City Schools to award scholarships of at least $4,100 to children who wish to enroll in private or public schools.

A Republican lawmaker wants to eliminate Pa.’s property tax by targeting retirement income. Will...

A bill from Rep. Frank Ryan, R-Lebanon, would also increase income and sales taxes to replace the estimated $15 billion that state property owners currently pay.

Poor school districts are funding the state’s cyber charter schools, research shows. That wasn’t...

Poor districts disproportionately fund the state’s cyber charter sector, which reliably produces low test scores and graduation rates for its students, new research shows.

Pennsylvania’s charter schools, explained: How they work, and why Gov. Wolf wants to reform...

The debate over charter school funding has reached a “crisis point," education advocates say.

Pa. ranks 38th in the nation for early childhood education programs, report | Wednesday...

Despite strides, the state still has ground to make up.

Property tax elimination hearing draws big crowd, but agreement still scarce

YORK, Pa. — To Jim Rodkey, property taxes are serfdom.“I am here today because I believe the property tax to be the most morally irresponsible, regressive, and unfair system of taxation in existence,” Rodkey,...