State agency approves Cheyney’s proposed budget, but questions remain

Cheyney University’s budget figures don’t add up and school officials won’t say why.
Pennsylvania Department of Education Secretary Pedro Rivera.

‘Bizarre’ circumstances have a charter school appeal stuck in limbo in Harrisburg, with taxpayers...

On three separate occasions since June, two teams of lawyers from Pittsburgh have traveled to Harrisburg to argue the same exact case before a powerful state board.And on three separate occasions, the board has...

These Philly seniors are making the most out of high school, prepping for their...

Saffiyah Franklin and Cira Diop knows firsthand the importance of hard work. They've mastered success both inside the classroom and out.

How free college disproportionately benefits wealthier students | Opinion

As the federal government looks to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, Congress should enhance funding to the existing financial aid programs.

Keeping students safe is a growth industry struggling to fulfill its mission | Opinion

Hardening school buildings distracts from the need to focus on human behavior and what's known about school shooters, and may make students less safe.

Tempers warming: Will a debate over climate change stall a long-overdue update of Pa.’s...

Pa. is reviewing its decades-old science standards, a years-long process that educators hope will end with the General Assembly adopting new guidelines for science education.

It’s time for Pa. to make sure college athletes get ‘Fair Pay to Play’...

While it is important to take the time to get it right, we urge members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate to pass this legislation and do right by our college student-athletes.

As enrollments continue to slide, is there a way to save Pa’s state-owned universities?...

State system schools have been waiting on a bailout that probably will never come. It's time for them to take their fate in their own hands.

Penn Law students of color want ‘racist’ professor fired

The protest follows the Penn Undergraduate Assembly's unanimous approval last week of a resolution calling on the university to fire professor Amy Wax.