A Capital-Star holiday: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Because what are holidays, after all, without traditions? Here's a new one from your friends at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

How the 2020 Dems are promising to ramp up funding for public schools |...

This focus on funding would mark a departure from previous administrations, which emphasized policies intended to increase accountability.

In Pittsburgh, 2020 Dems put the focus on public education

The day-long forum, in downtown Pittsburgh, was the first major event of the primary season focused exclusively on public education.

PHEAA, explained. How an obscure Pa. state agency became one of the nation’s biggest...

Borrowers across the country say PHEAA’s failure to accurately track their loan payments made them ineligible for loan forgiveness.
Betsy Devos

Pa. Susan Rep. Wild slams Betsy DeVos during testy Capitol Hill hearing

Democrats went on offense against DeVos' controversial student loan forgiveness policy during a House committee meeting on Thursday.

What’s holding up appointments on this powerful state education board?

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh taxpayers have been paying for tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills in still-unsettled dispute.

Update Pa’s charter school law to foster innovation, bolster accountability | Opinion

We need transparency in the application process for charters, in the operations of charters, and in the oversight of charters.

‘A complete breakdown’: Pittsburgh charter school’s case is still stuck before state appeals board

The third time may be the charm, but not for Pennsylvania’s Charter School Appeals Board. The six-member appeals board found itself once again hamstrung by legal precedent at its meeting in Harrisburg on Tuesday, when...

Philly program aims to bolster number of minority teachers

The program — Aspire to Educate — will provide free or reduced tuition, and mentoring and training to students of color who plan to attend one of seven participating colleges or universities and become educators after they graduate.

Pa. teachers have it wrong: Turzai’s Harrisburg vouchers bill will help kids | Opinion

Harrisburg students have suffered for years in inadequate schools. Marooning them without choices won't help them.