Duquesne University proposes full-time faculty cuts amid pandemic, financial uncertainty

These changes will allegedly reduce the overall faculty size by less than 5 percent.

Drexel Univ. gets $9M million gift establishing new center on racism and health

The new center will leverage strengths across the Dornsife School’s departments, the Urban Health Collaborative and many partners across the university to elevate work on racial health inequities.

Philly schools form virtual gender and sexuality alliance

The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) has teamed up with Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence to launch the first district-wide virtual gender and sexuality alliance (GSA).

New report: Pa. has spent a decade ignoring skyrocketing special ed. costs | Thursday...

State funding for students with disabilities was flatlined while local special education spending grew by $2 billion over a decade, new research concludes.

School districts, like Philly, shouldn’t have to rely on handouts to make sure kids...

A 2014 school facilities study of roughly 1,194 of the 3,100 public school buildings in the Commonwealth found that 66 percent of them were constructed before 1970, making it likely that they contain asbestos.

Advocates call on NEPA school board member to resign over call to remove LGBTQ...

School board members in Sullivan County, Pa., near Wilkes-Barre, say they'll undergo LGBTQ sensitivity training.

Report: The most and least equitable schools in Pa. | The Numbers Racket

The gap between the rich and poor have been exacerbated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, one of the areas where those discrepancies is most prevalent is in education. 

During pandemic, cyber charter schools are an important alternative for parents, kids | Opinion

Full-time online schools are an excellent option for families across Pennsylvania – an option that students deserve perhaps now more than ever.

Here’s 4 good reasons for Pa. to reject any new cyber-charter school applications |...

Generally speaking, cyber students are not learning, and taxpayers are paying twice what they reasonably should.

Penn pledges $100M to help Philly schools fight lead, asbestos

The donation, $10 million a year for 10 years, is the largest private donation in the school district's history, officials said.