Cheyney University approved a budget – but how much does it really say about...

Cheyney officials expect to spend about $29.1 million in 2019-20 — down about 11.8 percent from last year’s estimates, part of an ongoing decline.

A teacher shortage? In Pa.? Here are a couple ways to fix that |...

By Nate Esbenshade In an Oct. 6 article addressing the “looming teacher shortage” in Pennsylvania, Timothy Williams recommends raising the minimum wage for teachers. Although his solution is wrong, the potential shortage of teachers should...

Philly’s Ethel Allen School revises blueprint with new initiatives

Vice Principal Kareem Edwards says that the school is also trying to expand the dialogue between the school and the community.

How a 1905 debate about ‘tainted’ Rockefeller money is a reminder of ethical dilemmas...

Then as now, the key issue was whether groups concerned with the public good could justifiably take money from people of questionable morals.

Cheyney partnerships: Some successful, others see no movement

A year after Cheyney University rolled out big corporate partnerships, some investments have been paying off while questions remain about another.

How to address Pa.’s looming teacher shortage? Increase teachers’ minimum wage | Opinion

Pa. is facing a crisis it has not faced in decades: Qualified teachers are getting scarce. Hiking the minimum salary is a first step to fixing that.

Philly City Council eyes elimination of Free Library fines, debts

Any legislation City Council passes on the issue would be non-binding. The library's board of trustees would make the final call.

Report: Special education costs are ballooning, as state funding lags behind

The stagnant support from the state has forced school districts to shoulder an ever-increasing share of special education costs,

Pa. lawmakers accidentally took away school police officers’ ability to make arrests

Eighty districts across Pennsylvania employed a combined 617 school police officers during the 2017-18 school year, according to the most recent state data.

Wolf, Philly lawmakers back Cheyney despite university’s struggles

As the university awaits a final determination of its accreditation status, state officials deflected questions about their long-term financial commitments.