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Bullies will face tougher penalties under House, Senate bills

"I have a young family and bullying is different now," Rep, Torren Ecker said. "These children and families cannot escape bullying. It's pervasive."

Private higher ed. is a good investment for students, taxpayers alike | Opinion

Taxpayers invest in higher education to prepare for a more prosperous and successful society. It's a worhy investment.

Pa. House panel advances bill authorizing vouchers for Harrisburg schools

The bill forbids schools from adding any conditions to the vouchers, such as mandating that private schools accept special needs students.

Tuition vouchers will do more harm to Harrisburg’s recovering schools than good | Opinion

It couldn’t come at a worst time — just as the recovery process is starting to work in Harrisburg.

Philly Mayor Kenney calls on library to eliminate fines for overdue materials

Major cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Salt Lake City have rolled out fine-free policies, and have seen a significant number of overdue books returned during the process.

Turzai’s vouchers bill is on deck in the Pa. House next week. Let’s send...

Under Turzai's leadership, the Pennsylvania Legislature has been willfully and deliberately ignoring the state’s historic gross inequity in school funding.

A new community college is the economic development engine that Erie needs to succeed...

In Erie and in Pennsylvania’s rural higher education deserts, the lack of community colleges makes economic revitalization harder.

How one Philly school is working to create well-rounded students

Officials at Penrose School are working hard to give students thei training they need so they can flourish in life beyond high school.

Veterans Day honors those who served. Now we need to look to the next...

Early childhood education and spending on K-12 education is key to preparing the next generation of warriors. And Pennsylvania needs to do better.

DeVos’ formula revealed: Trash public schools and push privatization | Opinion

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos discusses "expanding education freedom" for American students. That means something else entrely.