Criminal Justice

Tensions high in Philadelphia jails as court hearings face delays and case numbers mount

Henry Jackson had a mid-April court date on a parole violation. With courts closed because of COVID-19, he and others are in limbo.

COVID-19 in Philly: All city police ordered to wear cloth masks

The city has declined to confirm the number of positive tests among its rank and file officers. One officer has already died of COVID-19.

COVID-19 in Pa.: Wolf, lawmakers struggle for common ground on pandemic relief

In a day of fiery rhetoric, the Pennsylvania General Assembly advanced a second wave of legislation to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus crisis sparks increase in domestic violence in Philadelphia

More calls have been coming in to Philadelphia's domestic violence hotline as people have been confined to their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Philadelphia city police lieutenant dies of COVID-19

Lt. James Walker, 59, died Sunday at Abington Hospital, the Montgomery County Coroner's Office confirmed. He is the first city employee to lose their life.

‘Much worse than a cruise ship’: Prisoners’ lives at risk from COVID-19

For incarcerated people, COVID-19 "infection is more likely to be a death sentence,” two experts warned of the public health implications of the pandemic

So you’ve bought a new gun. Should you lock it up? It depends |...

The COVID-19 pandemic is dangerous enough. Don't compound the risks by making their self-defense weapons too locked away to be useful in a crisis.

COVID-19 in Pa.: Draft plan to reduce prison pop. includes limited eligibility, gives veto...

It was not immediately clear how many inmates would be eligible for release under the draft legislation seen by the Capital-Star.

Gov. Wolf has the power to avert a public health disaster in Pa.’s prisons...

Gov. Tom Wolf has the ability to release more people from the state prisons right now by using his constitutionally enshrined power of reprieve.

COVID-19 in Philly: African Americans make up 46 percent of positive cases in the...

African-Americans make up 43.7% of Philadelphia's population, but they're 46% of the 528 confirmed COVID-19 cases for whom racial data is available,