Criminal Justice

Black leaders call on Philadelphia police to end stop and frisk — again

As police continue to stop and frisk Blacks at higher rates than whites in the city, Black groups renewed demands that Mayor Jim Kenney end the practice.

Dialing for dollars: Allegheny Co. will make $4.3M from contract providing phone service to...

The money headed into the county's coffers will be coming directly out of the pockets of incarcerated people and their families

Pa. schools, unemployment recipients the victims of data breaches, scams

A new report found Pennsylvania ranks 10th in most data breaches at K-12 schools and fourth place for the most data breaches at post-secondary schools.

Pa. Senate sends Wolf police reform bills creating new statewide misconduct database, PTSD screening...

"Protest is leading to policy," one lawmaker said after the vote. "And what we’re saying to everyone who has been in the streets …. Is ‘keep it up.’”

A landmark criminal justice bill helped 1 million people get jobs and housing last...

Clean Slate took effect last June, one year after it passed with broad bipartisan support in Pennsylvania’s General Assembly.

Philly City Council passes police reforms, shelves others for the summer

Legislators passed a bill to reinstate a residency requirement that all city employees, including police officers, live in Philadelphia for at least one year prior to joining the city payroll.

The General Assembly passed a police hiring database and a chokehold ban. But nothing...

The votes on Wednesday afternoon came two weeks after Black Democrats shut down the House of Representatives, demanding action on their stalled legislation.
Senators Camera Bartolotta, R-Washington, and Anthony Williams, D-Philadelphia, announce their probation and parole reform bill in the Capitol rotunda on Jan. 28.

Changes to landmark Senate bill overhauling Pa.’s probation system costs it support among criminal justice...

The bill aimed to cut costs and and reduce prison populations by reducing the amount of time someone can spend under probation.

In Pittsburgh, advocates want cops out of schools

The message from parents and advocates is simple: Kick out the cops and replace them with counselors, psychologists and social workers.

Philly Council committee advances chokehold ban, measure to make police contract talks public

A City Council committee advanced a pair of police reform proposals prompted by the weeks-long protests over the law enforcement killing of George Floyd.