Criminal Justice

How a debate over mandatory sentences for gun crimes could sink savings gleaned from...

The state has saved more than $20 million and seen crime rates drop since 2015, when the Pa. Supreme Court threw out mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses.

Pa. still has too much lead poisoning. Here’s what we do about it |...

Lead poisoning is preventable in Pennsylvania -- but only with effective education and smart public policy.

To mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month, lawmakers remember 123 Pennsylvanians killed in 2018

In June, the General Assembly approved a 10 percent budget increase for domestic violence services.

Jury finds Black bicycle courier not guilty of manslaughter in Rittenhouse stabbing

The defense argued that courier Michael White was just reacting in a split second to a threat from an older, larger, intoxicated man.

Pennsylvania’s crimes code is packed with redundant, harmful charges, ACLU says in new report

In the past four decades, the number of possible charges nearly quintupled in number — a trend that’s helped Pennsylvania’s prison populations skyrocket.

Philly FOP loses labor fight over police department’s tattoo policy

Ex-cop Ian Hans Lichtermann's tattoo caused a public uproar and the department to develop a policy. The rules were upheld by the Pa. Labor Relations Board.
marijuana in hand

Cannabis legalization may be off the table for Pennsylvania’s GOP majority. Decriminalization is another...

Gov. Tom Wolf has embraced legalizing recreational cannabis for adults. The GOP is unlikely to get on board.

In Pennsylvania, more law means less justice. That needs to change | Opinion

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania already has enough tools to protect public safety. There are serious consequences to continually expanding the crimes code.

Has impeachment silenced Washington’s debate over gun violence reduction?

Prospects for meaningful gun violence reduction legislation appear increasingly slim now that the U.S. House launched an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, explained: Why you should pay attention to this November race

While much of the public's attention is already turned to 2020, there is a general election on Nov. 5 that will affect the future of your hometowns, counties, and Pennsylvania's courts. The major statewide race...