Criminal Justice

Why are private prisons controversial? 3 questions answered | Analysis

Private prisons have long been a topic of controversy in the U.S. A professor of sociology explains what they are and why they matter.

CNN’s Van Jones on what unifies America: ‘We have to fix the probation system’

On Tuesday, the CNN host joined with more than 100 activists affiliated with REFORM and the D.C.-based Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) in the Capitol to explain how the probation system is broken and call on lawmakers to fix it.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro says he supports legalizing cannabis

"Continuing to criminalize adult personal marijuana use is a waste of limited law enforcement resources, it disproportionately impacts our minority communities and it does not make us safer," the Democrat said.

State employee retirement board balks at investing in prison-linked private equity firm

The Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS) recently chose to invest $300 million into Platinum’s current round of investment.

The big things we learned from the Pa. Senate’s marathon gun safety hearings

No. 1: A key Republican hasn't closed the door on a red flag proposal.

It’s time to step up, and say ‘Enough is enough’ to gun violence |...

How did we get to a point where private citizens need to carry firearms when they leave their homes? It's time to say enough is enough

Gov. Tom Wolf backs marijuana legalization, says Legislature should ‘seriously debate’ the issue

For the first time, Gov. Tom Wolf said he supports legalizing marijuana for recreational use and called on the Legislature to "seriously debate" doing so.The Democrat's change of heart was the result of a...

House Judiciary chairman says he won’t consider red flag proposal as panel advances mandatory...

The votes by the House Judiciary Committee marked the first legislative action on firearms after a summer dominated by mass shootings, including two in one August weekend that left 29 people dead.

Mass shootings dominate reporting on gun violence. Here’s what we need to talk about...

Survivors are already making positive changes in their local communities and at the state and federal levels. We need to elevate those voices.

Pa. House committee will vote on mandatory minimums for gun crimes, much to Democrats’...

On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee will consider a package of 12 firearms or violence-related bills.