Criminal Justice

Has impeachment silenced Washington’s debate over gun violence reduction?

Prospects for meaningful gun violence reduction legislation appear increasingly slim now that the U.S. House launched an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, explained: Why you should pay attention to this November race

While much of the public's attention is already turned to 2020, there is a general election on Nov. 5 that will affect the future of your hometowns, counties, and Pennsylvania's courts. The major statewide race...

Philly cops investigate possible cremated remains in former city funeral home

In two photos, a plastic bag of what appears to be cremated remains rests beside a small black box, all of which is positioned in front of stacks of dozens of other boxes.

Here’s the price of our inaction on gun violence: More dead. More wounded. And...

by the time you finish reading this, someone, somewhere, will have been shot with a gun in America. The data suggests they might die.

Opponents of Marsy’s Law are suing to keep the crime victims measure off the...

The amendment would inscribe Pennsylvania’s crime victim statutes in the state Constitution, giving victims a path to assert those rights in court.

More mental health care won’t stop the gun epidemic, new study suggests | Analysis

A new study suggests there may be better ways to prevent shooting deaths than by pouring resources and energy into mental health treatment

Some see Christian compassion in ‘the hug;’ others not so much | Analysis

“It’s bad because it sends a really bad message that white folks can kill us and it’s OK because Jesus will work it out," one activist said.

Pennsylvania is once again debating how to address the victims of ‘predator priests.’ Here’s...

It’s been nearly a year since the Pennsylvania state Senate failed to vote on a bill that would have given the victims of “predator priests” a two-year window to sue their abusers and the...

Too many Pa. veterans are dying by suicide. Tell your lawmakers that Red Flag...

There is something we can do. Through supporting actionable legislation, Pennsylvanians can prevent tragedies beginning right here in our state.

Pa. lawmakers accidentally took away school police officers’ ability to make arrests

Eighty districts across Pennsylvania employed a combined 617 school police officers during the 2017-18 school year, according to the most recent state data.