Criminal Justice

Report finds ‘troubling pattern of racial resentment’ brewing in Philly courts

Judges and administrative leadership, the report said, are “deeply aware” of the presence of nepotism but didn't think they could fix it.

Philly FOP boss McNesby supports police reform; critics say it’s not enough

The head of Philadelphia’s police union says he has worked behind the scenes to lobby for some changes but opposes others.

The problem with passing real police reform is … | Editorial Cartoon

Police unions have been criticized for standing in the way of police reform efforts across the country, including right here in Pennsylvania.

In Pa.’s capital city, an effort to reimagine police protection takes shape | Friday...

Capital City residents want a proposed review board to have real teeth -- starting with subpoena power. Meetings are planned for this summer on the plan.

Krasner’s truth and reconciliation commission is a good idea — if he can get...

Despite the hype over “progressive prosecutors,” there is a large body of evidence showing that our criminal justice system is still draconian and racist.

Reform, don’t defund, the police. This is why | Opinion

“Defunding police” means something different to everyone, but the common theme involves cutting funding from police department budgets.  

Report: Erie cop caught in viral video won’t face charges for kicking protester

An attorney for the protester, Hannah Silbaugh, 21, is suing Erie officials for the officer’s name, the Capital-Star reported last month.

Discretion and deescalation are a police officer’s strongest tools | John Fetterman

By John FettermanMy tenure as mayor of Braddock, Allegheny County, started with a community that was embroiled in mass distrust between residents and the police force.Braddock’s population is approximately 70 percent Black, and 36...

He was Black. The cop was white and in danger. All that mattered was...

Daylan McLee has had some run-ins with the law in the past. But when he saw a Uniontown officer trapped in his burning cruiser, he knew what he had to do.

General Assembly sends Wolf a bill adding protections against sexual assault in police custody

To include police officers, criminal justice reformers were forced to also back enhanced penalties for prison inmates who attack a prison guard.