Criminal Justice

Pa. Corrections officials recommend shuttering state prison in Luzerne County. But Gov. Tom Wolf...

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections announced its final recommendation to shutter SCI-Retreat, a 1,200-bed correctional facility in Luzerne County, in a 600-page report it submitted to Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday.

After years of trying, Pa. House finally passes handheld cell phone ban

After years of effort, a ban on handheld cell phone use could be coming to Pennsylvania’s roads and highways.

How a Philly entrepreneur is using fashion to help formerly incarcerated women get back...

Kimberly McGlonn’s ultimate goal is to “provide pathways to self-sufficiency to women with convictions who have a really hard time finding employment.”

Raising Black sons enhances new Philly police chief Outlaw’s credentials | John N. Mitchell

Outlaw is also the mother of two Black sons. This is important because our city has a young Black male problem that is twofold.

Acting Philly Police Commissioner Coulter’s future in department remains unknown

Coulter has led the department as the first female commissioner since Mayor Jim Kenney appointed her on an interim basis last August
Australia wild fires

From fires in Australia to looming war in the Middle East, our children deserve...

We were on the way to ballet rehearsal. It's my favorite 30 minutes of the day. It's a chance to break away from work, and to touch base with my only child. She's 14...

8 things you didn’t know about Philly’s new police chief | Opinion

Generally, historically and presently speaking, Black women who have provided the antidote to what white men have poisoned.

More and more states are moving away from the death penalty. What’s Pa.’s excuse?...

Racist. Biased. And broken. It's time to get rid of capital punishment entirely

New leader seeks to reform Philly D.A.’s Victim Services Unit

Keziah Cameron joined the unit as a victim services coordinator after she graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Voting rights restoration gives returning felons a voice in more states | Analysis

In every state except Maine and Vermont, felons are stripped of their voting rights while in prison. Eighteen states have moved to restore them.