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Sen. John DiSanto announces a licensing reform bill on Wednesday, May 22.

Ex-offenders in Pa. can be denied professional licenses because of old convictions. Bipartisan lawmakers...

One year after Pennsylvania passed its landmark Clean Slate Law, which shields certain criminal records from the view of employers, lawmakers hope to eliminate yet another barrier to employment for ex-offenders.

Census 2020: Why some Pa. lawmakers say the state’s inmates should be counted at...

In the lead up to 2020 census, General Assembly lawmakers have their eyes on a small but potentially important change to state law — counting incarcerated people at their homes, not at the prisons where they're serving their time.
Sen. Tom Killion, R-Montgomery, rallies in the Capitol for Senate Bill 90, which would create a Red Flag gun control law.

Which big American cities have the highest homicide rates? And how does Pa. stack...

The data for Pennsylvania should be a wake-up call for policymakers.

Pa. Attorney General Shapiro sues Purdue Pharma for ‘deceptive’ tactics selling OxyContin

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro took the fight against opioid abuse to one of the nation's biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers Tuesday, charging that Purdue Pharma, the company that makes OxyContin, conducted a "relentless campaign of...

‘Well intentioned but impossible:’ Why critics say Marsy’s Law will undermine the rights of...

The constitutional amendment pins crime victims rights against the rights of the accused.

Here’s where Pa. falls short on protecting our due process rights | Opinion

This week on the Capital-Star, we're exploring the idea of due process and how it intersects with state government — from legislation to investigations of state lawmakers. Have a thought? Let us know at...

‘This can never happen again:’ At Capitol rally, activists push for bill criminalizing ‘sextortion’

The bill would address a shortcoming in state law that now allows these cases to fall through the legal cracks, supporters argued Tuesday.

Armed school officers and security will get additional training under Senate bill

The devil is in the details, as a state Senate committee hearing demonstrated Tuesday.