Butter Up: Pa. wants you to craft and share your own 2021 Farm Show...

The “Butter Up!” contest offers winners gift cards from select Pennsylvania grocers. It’ll replace the event’s hallmark butter sculpture – a 1,000-pound creation that serves as the pièce de résistance of the week-long convention.

Five things the Legislature can do to make Pennsylvanians’ lives measurably better in 2021...

This new time calls for a reset on everything. The dawning of a new year offers just such and opportunity. The 253 members of the General Assembly should not squander it. 

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us brutal lessons in 2020. Will we heed them in...

The question for the future will be whether the people who died of COVID-19, and the families who suffered, will be written off as a tragic consequence of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, or whether their sacrifice can lead to a better system.

Pa.’s Dean joins lawmakers arguing Americans shouldn’t get hit with fees if COVID-19 stimulus...

The Treasury introduced prepaid debit cards during the last round of coronavirus stimulus payments authorized under the CARES Act. The cards came with fees.

U.S. House overrides Trump veto; approves $2k stim payments: How Pa. lawmakers voted

The Senate is not expected to approve the expanded payments that President Donald Trump demanded.

Levine: Nursing home vaccines underway as testing, new cases see holiday slump

Residents and staff at more than 120 Pennsylvania nursing homes are on track to receive on-site COVID-19 vaccinations starting this week, kicking off a federal pharmacy partnership that officials hope will speed vaccine distribution statewide. 

Year in Review: From a pandemic, to police shootings, to protests, Philadelphia needs to...

African-Americans were at the center of issues that dominated local and national headlines during the past 12 months. Here is a look at the top local stories of the year.

He who imposes burdens bears the burden of proof | Opinion

As a physician there have been times when I felt it necessary to take a scalpel and cut into someone. However, there exists a moral presumption against such action, even if I believe it is justified. In such a situation the burden is not on the patient to convince me to refrain. Rather, the burden is on me to convince the patient that I should proceed. This is true despite my credentials in the field. 

Looking for a sense of belonging this holiday season? Consider safely helping your community

“I am confident that we will get through this – as a nation, as a commonwealth,” said Dr. Levine. “But we need to stand together.” 

Fayette County Association for the Blind assists visually impaired during pandemic | Helping the...

Some of the items they provide are computers and closed circuit televisions, which have a magnifier with different magnification levels that can show those who have low vision what they can’t normally see.