Why Black and Hispanic small-business owners have been so badly hit in the pandemic...

With fewer funds to fall back on, minority-owned enterprises have struggled in the recession. To make things worse, many are in sectors that have been badly hit by lockdowns.

Pa.’s Levine endures transphobic tirade from Rand Paul during Senate confirmation hearing

Paul, an ophthalmologist, repeatedly pressed Levine on whether she would support allowing minors to override objections from their parents when it comes to accessing gender-affirmation therapies.

Citing emergency powers, Wolf admin skirts public bidding requirements to award $11.5M consulting contract 

Officials said said the Boston Consulting Group is “uniquely situated” to help Pennsylvania because it’s been hired to improve vaccine programs in other states.

Game-changing one-dose vaccine could be in states’ hands shortly

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is awaiting emergency-use authorization from a critical Food and Drug Administration panel on Friday, followed by the agency’s final decision, expected shortly.

Wolf: el registro centralizado de vacunas podría llegar cuando crezca el suministro

Wolf le dijo a los periodistas durante una rueda de prensa el martes que el estado puede implementar un sistema de este tipo cuando comience a establecer clínicas de vacunación masiva.

Bill mobilizing National Guard for COVID-19 vaccines headed to Wolf’s desk

The state Senate voted 46-0 on Wednesday to send Gov. Tom Wolf a bill that mobilizes the state’s National Guard units to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to pharmacies and health centers; operate vaccination sites; and let trained guardsmen administer injections to patients. 

Philly adds HIV to list of medical conditions eligible for COVID vaccine

The announcement came a day after the Philadelphia Gay News spotlighted the case of “Richard Doe,” a person living with AIDS in Philadelphia who was turned away for a vaccine.

More than two months after launch, Philly’s racial vaccine gap persists

Black residents remain under-represented among those who have received the first-vaccine dose compared to their share of the city’s population (44 percent)

Wolf: Centralized registration for vaccines could come when supply grows

Wolf told reporters during a press briefing Tuesday that the state may roll out such a system when it begins to establish mass vaccination clinics.

Unlike rest of Pa., Philly residents with HIV/AIDS aren’t eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

In Pennsylvania, people living with HIV are currently eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. However, this is not the case in Philadelphia, which has separate vaccine guidelines from the rest of the state.