Why Democats need to tap the brakes on impeachment | Bruce Ledewitz

Voters need a chance to renounce Trumpism in 2020. They can't do that if Trump is impeached and removed from office by the Senate.

More mental health care won’t stop the gun epidemic, new study suggests | Analysis

A new study suggests there may be better ways to prevent shooting deaths than by pouring resources and energy into mental health treatment

This isn’t hard: LGBTQ Pennsylvanians deserve protections under the law

Pass the protections. Put Pennsylvania in the vanguard where it belongs.

How a 1905 debate about ‘tainted’ Rockefeller money is a reminder of ethical dilemmas...

Then as now, the key issue was whether groups concerned with the public good could justifiably take money from people of questionable morals.

Philly is talking about getting rid of library late fees. They’re not alone |...

Chicago and San Francisco have already gone to a similar model. The people who lose access are those who can least afford it.

Trump’s Ukraine problem: He can’t control the story anymore | Dick Polman

Trump got mindless indulgence from the NYC tabloid media in the 1980s. As he's learning, that era is long, long gone. We're better for it.

How laws targeting clinics could end abortion access | Analysis

For decades, anti-abortion politicians have been quietly trying to push abortion out of reach by passing abortion restriction on top of restriction.

Why are Black people so damn forgiving? | Opinion

Forgiveness without repentance is what Adam Clayton Powell called ‘cheap grace.’ It lets us believe we are off the hook for our without demanding change.

How to address Pa.’s looming teacher shortage? Increase teachers’ minimum wage | Opinion

Pa. is facing a crisis it has not faced in decades: Qualified teachers are getting scarce. Hiking the minimum salary is a first step to fixing that.