Trump is winning Latinos – that’s a problem for Dems | Monday Morning Coffee

As ever, Pennsylvania remains a key battleground.

Oversight committee session with Michael Cohen looks like an illegitimate show hearing | Opinion

Michael Cohen will soon testify before Congress about his work for Donald Trump. But the hearing's subject goes far beyond the committee's jurisdiction, which is government operations and activities.

Pa. Gov. Wolf’s plan to boost teachers’ base pay is long overdue | Opinion

It’s time for teachers' salaries to catch up and reflect the many roles and responsibilities we have today.

One nation under who? New poll paints perilous picture for American pluralism | John...

America has a bunch of foundational myths — George Washington and his famed cherry tree; the belief that anyone can get ahead if they just work hard enough; and the stubborn belief that our...

Federal judge tosses Pa. kids’ challenge to Trump’s climate change policies | Friday Morning...

Justice is not only blind, it is occasionally cranky, too.

Another sign that it’s tax season | Editorial Cartoon

Another year, another stab at tax reform.

Let’s hear it for the women of the Democratic Party | Sean P. Quinlan

Democrats may have lost the White House in 2016 - but they scored a victory when thousands of women rose up to run for office.

Scotty, can you hear them? Indivisible group says U.S. Rep. Perry isn’t answering town...

What if they threw a Congressional town hall and no one came?

Republicans created their Trumpenstein monster. It’s up to them to do something about it...

Differences of opinion are to be welcomed.  But all views should share a common sense of decency.

One-party rule in 49 state legislatures is the single biggest argument for gerrymandering reform...

The majority of US state legislatures are controlled by Republicans because legislative districts are drawn to favor them. Voters are catching on, but change will be slow.