How to address America’s lead crisis and provide safe drinking water for all |...

We can solve this crisis with better enforcement, stricter sampling protocols, revised federal regulations and more funding for state agencies.

We need to enact ‘Phillip’s Law’ to save lives | Opinion

Our children are talking to us. They’re telling us what troubles them and what they need from us. Enacting this bill will ensure that we listen and heed.

Trump’s trade war could destabilize the U.S. economy, Pa. Sen. Pat Toomey warns |...

"It's a double-edged sword," Toomey said of Trump's approach to China. "I would have preferred a different set of tactics."

Cheyney University’s turnaround is a blueprint to saving Pa.’s state-owned universities | Mark O’Keefe

Instead of waiting around for a state bailout, Cheyney officials acted on their own to cut waste and start programs that can attract new students.

Labor Day 2019: Let’s make this year a call to action for working people...

Now the American economy works for the wealthiest of the wealthy. It's time to rebalance the scales and restore the social contract.

Joe Walsh’s primary bid could be an actual problem for President Trump. This is...

A disenchanted ex-Trump supporter is arguably the best candidate for grassroots Republicans, and GOP-leaning independents, looking to cast protest votes.

Worker-protection laws aren’t ready for an automated future | Opinion

The United States’ regulation of the workplace has long been an outlier among much of the world.

When religious ideology drives abortion policy, poor women suffer the consequences | Opinion

By Gretchen E. ElyIn Northern Ireland, Catholics and Protestants are frequently segregated, with some neighborhoods divided by barbed wire fences, reflecting deep historical conflicts between the faiths.Ninety percent of Northern Ireland’s 1.87 million people...

It’s time to settle that school lunch debt | Editorial Cartoon

School districts are turning to collection agencies. Nope - no such thing as a free lunch.

In central Pa., a new wall?: How a Trump rule could come between immigrants...

"This is a motion to turn back the clock and cause more disparities in health care," one expert said.