How one Harrisburg woman is helping city youth achieve their post-high school dreams |...

Have you ever heard the saying "It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at?”That saying means a lot to me because I am only one vessel who can only achieve so much positive...

Let’s make 2020 the year of compassion and civility | Opinion  

We can come together right now and commit to being better people, with love for each other.

Pa. has some work to do on racial equity, new report finds | Tuesday...

America has come a long way on racial harmony. But there's still plenty of ground to make up.

Without an overhaul, has time passed the Equal Rights Amendment by? | Fletcher McClellan

Ironically, on the eve of an end to a century-long struggle, ERA may no longer be the answer to bigotry. It needs new language and broader consciousness.

The Supreme Court DACA decision isn’t just about Dreamers. It’s about whether Trump has...

Trump’s position on Dreamers has shifted over time: From saying they are “absolutely incredible kids” to claiming “some are very tough, hardened criminals.”

Exclusive: Two-thirds of Pa. voters favor bipartisan probation reform bill, poll | Monday Morning...

The bill was radically amended in committee - much to the chagrin of reform activists
Martin Luther King Selma March

Why Martin Luther King’s anti-racism crusade needs to be renewed | Opinion

Martin Luther King's struggle was part of a larger global struggle against racism and hatred. Africans should revisit the values he espoused and continue with the anti-racism crusade.

On the MLK Day of Service, envisioning a ‘Beloved Community’ in your town |...

Throughout his ministry and leadership of the civil-rights movement, Dr. King often spoke of “The Beloved Community” as the goal of efforts towards a just America and a just world.

Who is born a US citizen? Why? | Analysis

If upheld, a federal court ruling would solidify birthright citizenship as the law of the land, and overturn more than a century of federal refusal to grant American Samoans citizenship status.

It’s long past time to fix Pa.’s property assessment/appeals mess | Colin McNickle

Pennsylvania’s public policy makers have failed their charge to come up with an assessment system that is transparent and equitable to the taxpayers.