Beto O’Rourke’s inconvenient truth: Bans on assault weapons work | John L. Micek

So hang on for a second, what if Beto O’Rourke was right?The former Texas congressman enraged the right, and netted himself something that sounded an awful lot like a death threat, when he vowed...

Pa. Rep. Dean, others back bill to protect military kids from PFAS contaminants |...

More than 400 military bases could be contaminated by the pollutant -- including two in Pa.

SCI-Retreat Closing: Prisons should never be a community’s economic development strategy | Opinion

There are better ways to maintain and boost a region’s economy than through incarcerating human beings. Pa. needs to think creatively.

Nationalism is atheism. America was born of a grander vision | Bruce Ledewitz

The irony of the new nationalism is that America was founded on the notion of exceptionalism, but not in the narrow sense that white nationalists intend.

The U.S. now spends more on its debt than programs for kids: report |...

Treating our children as an afterthought has resulted in one of the highest child poverty rates in the developed world,' a new report concludes.

It’s time to shut down Mariner East — and Energy Transfer | Opinion

An Aug. 5 explosion in Chester County wasn't the beginning of the harms from Mariner East. But it should be the beginning of the pipeline's end.

Pa. students, educators are telling labor’s story through art | Opinion

The artists who took part in a PSEA competition remind us that art inspires and enlightens us. It allows us to understand our world in new and amazing ways.

Report: These right-wing oligarchs are leading the fight to kill anti-poverty programs | Wednesday...

Chances are, you're going to recognize some of these names. Rhymes with 'Koch.'

Tell your state senator to support this important bill that fights Lyme disease |...

With Pennsylvania leading the nation in Lyme disease cases, the time for state lawmakers to act is now.

How Pa. is continuing to help those with the disease of addiction | Opinion

Opioid deaths were down in Pennsylvania in 2018. But the Wolf administration is still working hard to remove barriers to treatment.