This is the true ‘gold standard” for child protection in Pa. | Opinion  

It’s time for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to stand up for survivors. It’s time for lawmakers to start protecting survivors over sexual predators.

Berks Co. GOP boss takes heat for comparing Dems to Hitler, Tojo | Friday...

The comparison is 'outrageous,' Pa. Dems fume -- if entirely unsurprising.

Biden a transformational president? We’ve heard It before | Fletcher McClellan

We will know that Biden has reconstructed politics if the American public believes government can be a solution to and not the cause of the nation’s ills.

In speech to Congress, Biden bet on democracy. It’s up to America to prove...

Future historians will judge how democratic governments around the world respond to these threats. And the price of failure is high.

How big is Pa.’s agriculture industry? $132.5B big, new state report finds | Thursday...

The industry supports more than 590,000 jobs, and it pays nearly $33 billion in wages every year, according to the report.

When we discover that ‘us’ and ‘them’ aren’t really that different, we have no...

If we as a whole do not soon take steps to heal these fear-fostered divisions, our humanity will wither, and our inhumanity will devour us. That is something we all should fear.

Shhhh, they’re listening – inside the coming voice-profiling revolution | Opinion

Marketers will soon be able to use AI-assisted vocal analysis to gain insights into shoppers' inclinations – without people knowing what they're revealing or how that information is being interpreted.

People ‘feel like life is worth living again’: Pa. biz owners look to promises,...

As President Joe Biden's administration hits the 100-day mark, two Pa. business owners are allowing themselves to hope again. But challenges remain.

Transgender youth are coming out and living in their gender much earlier than older...

A survey also found that trans people who live in their affirmed gender report experiencing less stigma, anxiety and depression.

What to make of ‘cancel culture’ and the price of free speech? | Opinion

One thing the 21st century has taught us is that Americans are losing the essential ability to disagree agreeably and that free speech can be expensive.