Hahnemann is too important to close. Our leaders must fight for it | Opinion

Until we have universal health coverage, Hahnemann’s closing is a disaster we must avoid at all costs.

It’s time for Pa. to invest in public health by fighting Hep A |...

We need to invest in local and state public health departments. We need to invest into frontline workers who go out into the communities most affected by these outbreaks and connect individuals not only to medical care but also to social services. We need to invest into our communities. And we need to do so now.

Why does a NWPA conservative want to post part of the state Constitution in...

Well, it's not 'In God We Trust,' right? Right?

For Biden and the Pa. primary, timing is everything | Mark O’Keefe

Some type of grassroots support will be needed to move up the primary and that seems unlikely at this point.

Donald Trump is in Western Pa.: Tell him you reject his cruel immigration policies...

The American people are fed up with Trump’s cruel policies that have torn families apart and pitted communities against each other.

Will Republicans finally disown Trump’s incendiary racism? | Dick Polman

Amidst the latest bloodshed - the worst of it triggered by a white racist domestic terrorist whose El Paso manifesto echoes Trump's racist rhetoric - I bet you're jonesing for some good news. I'm...

A Pitt historian traveled to American Samoa five times to unlock the secrets of...

A key tenet of Samoan culture emphasizes community, deference to authority and confronting fears – a mindset that makes an ideal football player. But it can extract a physical toll.

We have the momentum. Lawmakers have act now to fight gun violence | Opinion

Either in special session or as soon as we return in September, we need to immediately pass laws requiring universal background checks and implementing a “Red Flag” law giving family members and others the power to ask the courts to remove guns from people who may be a danger to themselves or others.

Our crisis of mass shootings is a national spiritual crisis | Bruce Ledewitz

Mass shootings are just one visible manifestation our anger and frustration.  In other words, if you are angry about politics, you are part of the problem.