The surge may be coming, Will House Republicans try to reopen Pa. this week?...

House Republicans will likely try to move such legislation during a week in which COVID-19 cases are expected to surge statewide.

Rationing healthcare is never worth it | Opinion

What we do in the throes of a crisis will set a precedent for what we do when it's done.

Here’s what Pa. can do to protect essential retail workers | Opinion

Standing at a cash register is working on the front lines. So is stocking shelves, pumping gas and serving pharmacy customers.

This Turzai bill putting Pennsylvania back to work is bad for Pennsylvanians | Opinion

We need a better bill that protects our economy while simultaneously protecting our workers, our families and our communities.

COVID-19 in W. Pa.: Pittsburgh’s office space vacancy problem complicated by pandemic | Opinion

The vacancy numbers already are striking – 15.9 percent, the highest in a decade, since the recession year of 2010. The pandemic could make it worse.

And the difference between golf and fishing is? | Editorial Cartoon

Our cartoonist has some questions about some Wolf administration decisions in the midst of social distancing.

COVID-19 has exposed a crisis in our long-term care system | Ray E. Landis

This crisis has exposed the serious flaws in the way our society cares for individuals who no longer can care for themselves.

Text messaging and lots of it: How Steyer-founded PAC is reaching Pa. young voters...

With in-person contact banned, the Tom Steyer-founded NextGen America is living online as it tries to engage young voters this campaign season.

COVID-19 in Pa.: Counties are conducting ‘business as unusual’ | Opinion

We are uniquely positioned to provide real support, identify challenges on the ground, pursue solutions and deliver vital services.

The COVID-19 pandemic is proof that we need to pay Pennsylvanians a living wage...

A Democratic lawmaker from Philadelphia wants to give every Pa. municipality the freedom to self-determine its minimum wage needs.