Three ways that $2 trillion in infrastructure can fight inequality | Opinion

There are lots of ways to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure. Doing it in ways that help poorer and middle-income communities would put tax dollars where they are needed most.

Climate denial? Vaccine denial? Don’t Pa. lawmakers have better ways to spend their time...

So I really wanted to believe that this guy was just trolling us:In case you're wondering what you're looking at, that's what a reader comment to a Capital-Star story looks like before we make...

From a bioethicist: 3 moral reasons why parents need to get their children vaccinated...

Measles cases in the US have reached their highest in 25 years. A bioethicist argues why parents opposed to vaccination are not just wrong about the science, but about the morals.

Tell your lawmakers to reject these bills gutting local gun-control ordinances | Opinion

The only winners here are lawyers for the gun lobby, who even now are soliciting plaintiffs and donations to cover the costs of suing Pennsylvania towns.

Is this the next fight over abortion rights in Pennsylvania? | Thursday Morning Coffee

In the absence of judicial action, anti-choice advocates are trying to legislate the medical procedure (and that's what it is) out of existence.

Pa. lawmakers should consider this Senate alternative to a nuke bailout | Opinion

While it’s true that nuclear generation doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, there are several important reasons why I feel this is the wrong way to go.

This Pa. House bill would make building inspections less reliable and more expensive |...

If the goal of the proposed legislation is to curb a rogue building inspector, the current language fails to accomplish that objective.