To the Class of 2020: Times are hard. We need you to lead us...

Our pathway to creating a better, more equitable, and just world begins with you. Your power is your energy, your audacity to challenge the status quo.

Poll: Majority of voters want Pa. to take action on pandemic inequities | Monday...

The pandemic has made it clear: The gap between haves and have-nots is wider than ever. And voters want state government to fix it.

Our elected leaders can’t overlook the intellectually disabled during COVID-19 | Opinion

People’s lives are at stake. We are out of staff, out of money, out of PPE and out of time. If ever there was a time to help the most vulnerable, it is now.

Obamacare protects many of the millions losing their employer-provided health insurance – but not...

The loss of 31 million jobs due to coronvirus has an added downside: 27 million have lost job-based health insurance. The worst may still lie ahead.

Coronavirus diets: What’s behind the urge to eat like little kids? | Analysis

During these stressful times, if you find yourself reaching into the pantry of your past, you're probably not alone.

Local officials are frontline heroes. Washington has to give them the help they need...

So, in my community alone, we have a disparity in the way the existing aid is being dispersed. Both communities are deserving.

Wolf turns up the heat | Editorial Cartoon

Gov. Tom Wolf played hardball with Republican-controlled counties that said they were reopening early, threatening to withhold federal funding.

Levine’s policies are fair game for criticism. Attacking her identity is vile bigotry

Speaking up and saying we condemn the hate in our midst is one thing. But unless there's the follow through with action, then it's only a half-measure.

Latest ‘scandal’ a reminder of the Obama we know and the one in Trump’s...

We’ve known for a long time that President Barack Obama lives rent-free inside Donald Trump’s brain. With a new scandal, they're building an addition.

Report: Pa.’s unemployment picture is bad – but could have been far worse |...

The Keystone State had the 3rd smallest increase in unemployment nationwide last week, according to an updated analysis by WalletHub.