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The Legislature is back. Here’s three things to watch for this week | Monday...

Buckle up, folks. This could be the last voting session of calendar 2019. And there's plenty of potential for mischief under the dome.

Why are Republicans still obsessed with the whistleblower? | Dick Polman

Why are Trump and his authoritarian enablers so obsessed with outing the whistleblower, who is protected by a web of federal laws that safeguard the identities of patriotic dissenters?

We’re psychologists: This Pa. House bill mandating the burial of fetal remains is emotionally...

This poorly-worded and ambiguous piece of legislation is emotionally harmful to the women of Pennsylvania and it deserves to be defeated.

Tuition vouchers will do more harm to Harrisburg’s recovering schools than good | Opinion

It couldn’t come at a worst time — just as the recovery process is starting to work in Harrisburg.

Pittsburgh’s next big ban bill | Editorial Cartoon

Cleveland's Myles Garrett was suspended indefinitely after a brawl with Steelers on Thursday night. Both teams were fined $250K, according to reports

Turzai’s vouchers bill is on deck in the Pa. House next week. Let’s send...

Under Turzai's leadership, the Pennsylvania Legislature has been willfully and deliberately ignoring the state’s historic gross inequity in school funding.

Daring opponents to stop them, Philly City Council passes a ‘red flag’ law |...

It's not clear whether Mayor Jim Kenney will sign the bill, however.

Impeachment witnesses George Kent and Bill Taylor are exactly the heroes we need right...

In their even tones and reassuringly professional manner, there was the hope our public institutions, will yet survive this aberration of a president.

Daryl Metcalfe responded to DePasquale’s climate change report in the most Daryl Metcalfe way...

The Democrat was engaging in 'Chicken Little pandering for higher political ambitions,' Metcalfe charged.

3 misperceptions about the State Department sure to surface this week | Opinion

A former State Department official says he's troubled by the politicization of the agency's mission as impeachment hearings unfold.