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It’s still hard for women who report sexual harassment. Here’s how #MeToo is changing...

By chance, a sociologist started an experiment the day sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein became public. As the #MeToo movement gained steam, people's responses changed.

Abortion rights allies rally in Harrisburg, across the country in reaction to restrictive laws

About 60 abortion right advocates rallied outside the Pennsylvania Capitol on Tuesday in response to a wave of state laws that some see as a part of a concerted attempt to ban the procedure...

This Pa. woman remembers a time when abortion was illegal: ‘We’re not going back’...

It's also a world that Jessica Marquez-Gates, of Cumberland County, Pa., thought she left behind a long time ago.

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, iconic Philly journalist Mark Segal looks...

Pa. shouldn't be the state, the founder of the Philadelphia Gay News said Monday, "where you can get married, but be refused the honeymoon suite."

Brown v. Board of Education at 65: Why the struggle continues | Kadida Kenner

If you want to honor the spirit of Brown, get out and vote.

The Brown v. Board of Education case didn’t start how you think it did...

While the Brown vs. Board of Education case is often celebrated for ordering school desegregation, history shows many black people in the city where the case began opposed integrated schools.

Pa. Republican Fitzpatrick votes with U.S. House Dems to approve LGBTQ rights bill

Despite the fanfare on Capitol Hill, the effort is unlikely to be enacted into law this Congress.

Lawmakers demand ‘due process’ when accused of misconduct. But what does that actually mean?

Four General Assembly lawmakers have been accused of sexual misconduct since 2017. To date, none have been expelled.