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Pat Albright repurposes a sign to protest the elimination of General Assistance. (Photo by Sarah Anne Hughes)

Pa.’s cash assistance program’s former beneficiaries say they’ve been forgotten by Harrisburg

The fight to protect a cash assistance program for impoverished adults spurred a spate of fervent activism across Pennsylvania last June, including a shouting match on the state Senate floor and a protest outside Gov. Tom Wolf’s private home in York.

Why Paula Peebles’ story of gun-selling cops can’t be dismissed | John N. Mitchell

PHILADELPHIA -- Imagine being surrounded 24 hours a day by uber-violent hood rats whom you know will remorselessly kill you, a family member or a loved one for snitching.Now, imagine that this is only...

Defaced Cecil B. Moore mural: ‘Just like new’

Corin Wilson, a project manager with Mural Arts Philadelphia, said her organization jumped to restore the mural as quickly as possible.

Bucks County congressional hopeful named in lawsuit denies she used racist, homophobic language

Candidate Debra Wachspress says the allegations in the suit are "complete and utter distortions," and that the suit itself was "fraudulent."

White supremacy propaganda in 2019| The Numbers Racket

Year-over-year, 2019 saw an increase in propaganda distribution by these groups with 2,713 cases of distribution reported. A doubling of activity from 2018 when the number was 1, 214.

Black History Month 2020: When Pittsburgh was the center of Black baseball | Opinion

By Rob RuckDuring the half-century that baseball was divided by a color line, Black America created a sporting world of its own. Black teams played on city sandlots and country fields, with the best...

‘They say, ‘Oh, wow, she’s the boss.’ New Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw on...

Danielle Outlaw knows that many expect her to help bring down the homicide rate, which was the highest in 2019 that it has been in over a decade.

Pa’s Dean: ‘I’m looking forward to … telling my granddaughters,’ as U.S. House removes...

Many Republican lawmakers argued on the House floor Thursday that the Equal Rights Amendment would be used by supporters to fight abortion restrictions.

This Harrisburg couple is working to increase access to opportunity — one child at...

Two weeks ago, during a service at Harrisburg Brethren In Christ, Senior Pastor Hank Johnson said something that really stood out for me:"We are disciples, called to make disciples,” he said, as my mind...

The landmark Voting Rights Act turns 55: For Black voters, a time to reflect

With a pivotal presidential election approaching, activists and scholars say African-Americans should continue the work of protecting Black voters’ rights.