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7 years and 180 school shootings later, anti-gun violence advocates honor Sandy Hook victims

“We stand together and commit to making a difference,” said local MOM’s Demand Action leader Shanna Danielson.

‘It could have been me’: Why we need to reform solitary confinement in Pennsylvania...

The trauma that solitary confinement inflicts upon individuals is unacceptable.

This 8-year-old is the ‘world’s youngest female barber,’ and she’s from Philly

Neijae Graham-Henries especially wants to cut President Donald Trump's hair. "because it's too long." She'd also like to give LeBron James a trim.

How attacks on Pennsylvania immigrants are an attack on all working people | Opinion

More than one in four homecare workers are an immigrant and over 18 percent are Latinx.

Locked up for being poor, Philly’s Maurice Hudson is free

Hudson, 29, was sentenced in 2009 to two to four years in prison for his role as a lookout in a robbery. But he he has been out on probation.

Jury in officer-involved shooting to come from Philadelphia

Former Philly Officer Ryan Pownall, 37, allegedly shot David Jones, 30, in the Juniata neighborhood on June 8, 2017.

Philly FOP boss McNesby fumbles in painting Jenkins as racist | John N. Mitchell

This illogic coming from McNesby is not unexpected from the always obfuscating Philly FOP president.

Black library employees earn the least as Philly officials move slowly to implement diversity,...

A new report reveals that full-time Black Free Library employees earn the least out of all racial groups, staff demographics do not reflect the city’s.

Here’s my ode to all the trans people: You’re strong. You’re resilient. You’ll thrive...

This week we observed Trans Day of Remembrance in Pa. Our real world experiences as trans people more than qualify us to lead the fight on trans issues.

New Philly coalition aims to support people who are arrested

The coalition aims to be a resource that will encourage people to have more faith in the legal system as a whole.