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Acceptance comes in so many different forms | Opinion

Part of acceptance is allowing those closest to us the time they need to understand the truth that we're living with every day.

Ex-Starbucks regional manager claims company discriminated against white employees after wrongful arrests

The former regional director for Starbucks claims she was fired because she was white less than a month after the wrongful arrests last year of two Black men at the coffee giant's Rittenhouse Square location

‘Hate doesn’t discriminate’: Pa. House, Senate Dems roll out anti-hate crimes package

The package's sponsor knows he has his work cut out for him in an institution where, if change happens at all, it happens at a glacial pace.

LGBTQ advocates, allies rally at the Capitol for nondiscrimination law

Twenty-one states and Washington, D.C. prohibit employment and housing discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Tree of Life first anniversary: How to teach tough topics to our kids |...

Our schools have an opportunity—and, many say, an obligation—to instill students with the knowledge and skills to develop empathy and wash away hate.

What’s it take to get through grief? Two Harrisburg women point the way |...

During an Oct. 30 book signing, two Harrisburg women will each discuss how they found their way through the grief of losing their sons

The Dems’ 2020 balancing act: Standing up for LGBTQ Americans and winning the faith...

Not even most supporters of same-sex marriage want dissenting religious institutions to lose their tax-exempt status.

There was nothing Christian about Bill Barr’s speech at Notre Dame | Lloyd E....

A week or so ago, a dear cousin sent me an article which she had read and about which she felt uncomfortable. She asked me to read it and to provide her with my...

Democratic lawmakers call on Pennsylvania to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy statewide

Rep. Brian Sims has introduced a bill to do just that, but it hasn't moved in the state House.

LeBron James, Muhammad Ali, China and ‘gotcha hypocrisy’ | John N. Mitchell

One of the primary tools of those who continue to enjoy the benefits that systemic American racism affords them is “gotcha hypocrisy.”NBA superstar LeBron James is receiving an Ivy League-level education in it now....