Civil Rights & Social Justice

Tree of Life, two years later: We can never forget. We must never forget...

We must call out hate when we see it, regardless of who is the speaker and who is the target. This isn’t always easy, but it is always necessary.

A conservative PAC is sending harmful and misleading texts about transgender children to voters

Pennsylvania voters are no strangers to getting text messages about the upcoming election. Especially in a swing state like this one, get-out-the-vote campaigns are targeting voters at a rapid rate.

Racial tensions and resentment persist in Philly courts, judge and civil rights attorney say

A Philadelphia judge and a local civil rights lawyer are raising the alarm over an ongoing culture of racial resentment and tensions inside the city’s court system.

Will Amy Coney Barrett protect the constitutional rights of children and youth? | Opinion

Barrett is widely seen as Scalia’s heir on the Supreme Court given her adherence to his originalist philosophy. Her appointment puts in danger the constitutional rights of children and youth.

Philly Police Commish Outlaw grilled over police response to Floyd protests

The department lacked any intelligence that local protests would grow so large or spark a high level of violence throughout the city, Outlaw said. 

Census 2020: How we miss the mark on collecting data | Ana White

The decennial count does a bad job of capturing and reflecting the true diversity of America's Black and Brown communities.

Trump, Biden make their pitch to Black-owned businesses, who wonder why it only happens...

The pandemic has exacerbated racial inequity in the business community and forced Black businesses to close at alarming rates.

Voting plus boycotting and activism equals revolution | Michael Coard

The fundamental rule of warfare is to find out what your enemy doesn’t want you to do and then you do that very thing.

Blacks, Hispanics more than twice as likely to experience financial pain from COVID-19...

The survey found that overall, one-in-four U.S. adults have had trouble paying their bills since the outbreak began, a third have dipped into their savings or retirement accounts, and about one-in-six have had to borrow money from friends or family members or got food from a food bank. 

Broad Street Ministry helps homeless individuals cast a ballot in upcoming election

A new voter registration program at Broad Street Ministry is helping those experiencing homelessness and others sign-up to vote in the upcoming election.