Civil Rights & Social Justice

Forget about selfies and social media. We need organic growth in Pa.’s LGBTQ community...

I know we can create change because I’ve seen us do incredible things. But it has to be face-to-face. We have to show up.

Raising Black sons enhances new Philly police chief Outlaw’s credentials | John N. Mitchell

Outlaw is also the mother of two Black sons. This is important because our city has a young Black male problem that is twofold.

Philly Democrat wants a $500 fine for sending nude photos without consent

On Friday, Rep. Mary Isacson, D-Philadelphia, held a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on her proposal to criminalize sharing unsolicited nude images. 

Philly Sen. Art Haywood wants to spend 2020 ‘responding to decades of injustice’

The Democratic lawmaker tells our partners at the Philadelphia Tribune that he wants to right historic economic, environmental and social justice wrongs.

A few thoughts on what it means to be a gay man in the...

Most people want to be accepted regardless of their sexual orientation or preference, but we must also accept ourselves first.

’30 Americans’: New Barnes Foundation exhibit highlights four decades of African-American art

The traveling exhibit, which runs through Jan. 12, highlights the diversity of talents and voices of the African-American artist community.

Philly Mayor Kenney mum on ‘additional penalties’ for Mummers who wore blackface

The city issued a strongly worded statement condemning the use of blackface by a pair of men in the Froggy Carr Wench Brigade during the 120th annual event.

‘A true visionary’: Philly honors Germantown pastor’s community outreach with street renaming

The Rev. Alyn E. Waller has been senior pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church since 1994. He's extended the church's reach into the community.

Meet the African American man charged with bringing Glen Mills back from the dead

“There is no doubt about it that we have a long, uphill climb in front of us,” Christopher Spriggs said. “But I think we are headed in the right direction.”

As 2019 winds down, a few thoughts on beauty queens, Black QBs and Wakanda...

They're signs of progress and they're feel-good stories for the nail salons and the barbershop. But don’t get the real work confused with Wakanda.