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Using the wrong pronouns can be an obstacle to obtaining healthcare – What one...

The LBGTQ community faces special obstacles obtaining healthcare. Here's how one health system is overcoming them with sensitivity and empathy.

Ahmaud Arbery’s death may spark a hate crimes law In Georgia | John A....

Ahmaud Arbery’s tragic death while jogging may yet produce a new hate crimes law. All Georgians may benefit, as a result.

Pa.’s rape kit backlog sees a sharp reduction | The Numbers Racket

The state Department of Health released the findings in its 2020 Untested Sexual Assault Kits and Backlogged Evidence Report. Just four years earlier, the report found more than 3,000 backlogged rape kits statewide. 

412 Food Rescue pivots to keep serving Pittsburghers in need

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Pittsburgh-based 412 Food Rescue didn’t do home food deliveries. An army of volunteers and a team of operations workers would coordinate pickups of surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores and other...

In Supreme Court appearance, Shapiro’s office argues against Trump birth control rules

The Obama-era health care law requires employer-provided insurance plans to cover birth control, but the Trump administration finalized new rules that expand exemptions to employers based on religious or moral beliefs. 

Ahead of SCOTUS arguments: Real religious freedom means letting people make their own decisions...

How this case is decided has the potential to damage people’s access to birth control, and it could open the door for bosses and school administrators to restrict coverage and access to other critical health care.

This Philadelphia church dared to imagine a digital workaround to pews emptied by pandemic

Dare to Imagine Church, Inc. at 6610 Anderson St. had no troubles going digital during the pandemic because it was already digital.

Why precedent alone may not be enough to save Roe v. Wade | Bruce...

Roe could, instead, die the death of a thousand cuts through statutory restrictions, becoming irrelevant as a practical matter, without ever being overturned.

Charity push distributes food to Philly families observing Ramadan

On Friday, the Philadelphia Ramadan and Eid Fund gave out 250 boxes of fresh produce and Halal meats to families observing Ramadan.

Preventing child abuse and neglect is everyone’s responsibility | Opinion

With schools and daycares closed of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's on all of us to make sure that our children stay safe. Here's how to help.