Civil Rights & Social Justice

Philadelphia radio pioneer, Cody Anderson, of WDAS-FM, has died

There is no reported cause of death at the moment.  He leaves behind a wife and his sons Bill and Kyle Anderson.

Gov. Wolf can — and must — save the lives of our incarcerated loved...

During a pandemic, prisons are deadly. The nature of confinement makes it almost impossible for people to practice social distancing

Hbg biz group launches push to help Black-owned businesses | Friday Morning Coffee

Pennsylvania's Capital City is rich with Black-owned businesses. Here's your chance to help them survive and thrive.

Intimate partner violence, Pa.’s silent pandemic, can be silent no longer | Fletcher McClellan...

By failing to recognize the short- and long-term effects the coronavirus pandemic poses to vulnerable populations, state and county governments in Pennsylvania have reinforced a silent pandemic of domestic violence.    

Biden backs reparations study, as House Dems push for commission; Pa. Rep. Rabb says...

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stopped short of saying Biden would sign the bill under consideration by the House Judiciary Committee.

We must work to end LGBTQ economic discrimination | Mark Segal

It's hard enough to open a new business these days. It's even harder if you're part of the LGBTQ community. That needs to change.

Why ‘Indian Country’ is excited about the first native interior secretary and the promise...

Indian Country has a significant history with the Interior Department that has more often been bad than good. But Haaland’s record shows that she is committed to making progress on larger challenges that affect all Americans

Philly’s Trans Wellness Conference is going virtual

The largest transgender health conference world-wide, PTWC serves to educate members of the trans community, healthcare workers and intersections thereof, about physical and mental health issues facing trans communities.

How public schools fail to recognize Black prodigies | Opinion

Anti-Black bias and lack of teacher referrals are keeping Black students out of gifted school programs, a scholar suggests.

John Brown was a violent crusader, but he blazed a moral path Lincoln followed...

Too often dismissed as a failed zealot, Brown was an unconventional anti-slavery leader who blazed a trail that Abraham Lincoln would follow just a few years later.