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Pa. Republican Fitzpatrick votes with U.S. House Dems to approve LGBTQ rights bill

Despite the fanfare on Capitol Hill, the effort is unlikely to be enacted into law this Congress.

Lawmakers demand ‘due process’ when accused of misconduct. But what does that actually mean?

Four General Assembly lawmakers have been accused of sexual misconduct since 2017. To date, none have been expelled.

As abortion debate rages, some Pa. lawmakers challenge their party — or themselves

A number of lawmakers either changed their vote or went against their party colleagues Tuesday.

Here’s how Pa. can reform its guardianship system to protect our most vulnerable citizens...

Legislation has been introduced in each session of the General Assembly for the past several years to improve Pennsylvania’s guardianship law. Now it's time to pass it.

Activists mark 65th anniversary of landmark school desegregation case: ‘There’s always more we can...

This Friday, May 17, marks 65 years since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its historic decision in Brown v. Board of Education, finally desegregating America's public schools. In the two generations since then,...

How one Republican lawmaker is trying to balance gun rights and due process in...

The state ACLU has gone from opposed to neutral on a propose "red flag law."

The Down syndrome abortion ban does nothing to protect women. That’s why I stood...

Considering these cases, the exorbitant legal fees similar lawsuits demanded, and the Speaker’s insistence that HB321 should be understood as a crime bill, it is only appropriate that HB321 be re-referred to the Judiciary Committee for the legal ramifications of this bill to be thoroughly considered.

#MeToo: Here’s what Americans had to say about their experiences and beliefs | Analysis

The U.S. needs to prioritize its prevention for the benefit of all, regardless of gender, a scholar suggests.