Civil Rights & Social Justice

Black-led project makes open call for submissions about 2020 George Floyd protests

Fajr Muhammad, a co-editor on the project and Blue Stoop board member, said it was critical that Black Philadelphians share and preserve their stories.

With extremism resurgent, will Pa. finally pass a tougher hate crimes law? | Friday...

'Hate crimes have become part of American life, the new normal in our country,' a Pittsburgh lawmaker, who's trying to turn the tide, says.

Biden’s immigration overhaul would open a door to citizenship for 11M people

While the bill would likely pass the House, it’s unclear if Democrats have enough votes in the Senate. 

With Health Sec. Levine likely headed to Washington, Pa.’s transgender residents look to a...

Levine’s confirmation would be “the perfect example of recognition and advancement based on hard work and education. These are the values our country was founded on, one advocate said.

Honor King by fighting for justice | Irv Randolph

Is there any doubt that if King were still alive he would be fighting for all Americans to have affordable and accessible health care?

‘A de facto debtor’s prison’: Pgh. Rep. Summer Lee wants to end cash bail...

'The bail process in Pennsylvania too often centers on an individual’s ability to pay rather than the individual’s risk to public safety,' Lee said.

Report ranks states for racial integration and progress. How did Pa. do? |...

The analysis ranked the states based on two measures - racial integration and racial progress using four key areas (employment and wealth, education, social and civic engagement and health) and 21 metrics relevant to those four key areas. 

Republican praise of Martin Luther King will sound even more hollow and hypocritical now...

Let us not hear any “Let freedom ring” platitudes from those who cast suspicion on Black people exercising the franchise. 

Pa. House GOP pushes measure to restrict Wolf emergency response, remake judiciary

The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House advanced two constitutional amendments Tuesday that would address their long simmering balance of power grievances.

Capitol siege lays bare GOP electoral misinformation in Harrisburg

“I do believe words have consequences,” Republican state Rep. Natalie Mihalek, of Washington County, told the Capital-Star. “And those consequences were on full display” at the U.S. Capitol.