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3 ways schools can improve STEM learning for Black students | Opinion

As a scholar who studies how STEM educators can more effectively reach Black students, I want to help all people develop an understanding of how anti-Black racism is a significant barrier for Black students learning STEM.

House GOP releases election reform plan; includes voter ID, early voting

It comes as Republican legislatures across the country have passed stricter voting laws, often driven by former GOP President Donald Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud.

With election reforms on GOP’s radar, Wolf and Democrats draw red line on voter...

“I will always uphold our democracy,” Wolf said Wednesday. “I am here to get things done for the people of Pennsylvania. But I am also a steward of a grand democratic tradition, and I recognize both.”

Looking back at transgender progress one year after the murder of Rem’mie Fells |...

“I’m so grateful that during her short life here on earth, she was able to touch your lives with her genuine and loving self," Fells' mother, Terri Edmonds, said.

The return of vacation season? | Five for Your Weekend

Happy Weekend, all. Associate Editor Cassie Miller here, reporting back after a few weeks in Alaska! Even fully vaccinated, I wasn't sure my trip to the 49th state would happen this year after, well, everything, but...

‘Flag Police’ acting at GOP’s urging, took down Pride Month flags, Fetterman tells donors

(*This story was updated at 3:23 p.m. on Wednesday, 6/2/21 to include a second email that Lt. Gov. John Fetterman sent to donors and supporters. It was further updated to clarify the chain-of-command) Lt. Gov....

Philly Council unveils anti-violence plan aimed at city youth

The plan comes as 822 school-aged youth in Philadelphia have been injured or killed by gun violence since January 2020.

Tulsa Massacre at 100: A lesson in Black bravery and resilience | Michael Coard

Like a Black phoenix literally rising from the ashes, Black folks courageously pushed onward and upward.

Data: Black people in Pa. are more than 5 times as likely as whites...

Black people are 11 percent of Pa.'s population, but they made up 33 percent of the people killed by police between 2013-2020, a new report concludes.