Pa. Dems want your $4 to pass ‘the most progressive budget in years’

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    Just observing and passing this one along, since it’s so quirky.

    In an email blast earlier this week, officials at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party sent out the pretty standard ask exhorting donors to dig into their pockets to help pass the $34.1 billion budget plan that Gov. Tom Wolf rolled out to a joint session of the state House and Senate.

    “It’s said you should “put your money where your values are.” That’s exactly what Democrats’ new budget proposal does,” the email reads. “If passed, our plan raises the minimum wage and invests more than ever in teachers, schools, and job training. We need your support to do it though.”

    Now here’s the quirky part.

    The email asks donors to kick in a mere $4 to “help pass the most progressive budget in years.” Seems humble enough. It’s too “I drive a blue Jeep to work” for words.

    But …

    Clicking through brings them to the usual ActBlue donation page where, of course, donors can donate waaaay more than $4 to help get Wolf’s budget over the finish line.

    We’ll look forward to the inevitable television commercials and direct-mail pieces that $4 (and way more) will help underwrite.

    Yep, it’s budget season.

    John L. Micek
    John L. Micek is the Pennsylvania Capital-Star's Editor-in-Chief. He's been covering Pennsylvania politics for more than 20 years and most recently served as Opinion Editor at PennLive/The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. Micek's commentary is syndicated to more than 800 newspapers nationwide by Cagle Syndicate. And he's a regular contributor to a host of broadcast outlets in Pennsylvania and abroad.


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