Falling Back: Rep. Russ Diamond wants to end Daylight Saving Time in Pennsylvania

    The Keystone State could abandon Daylight Saving Time under a proposal from Rep. Russ Diamond (Capital-Star photo by Stephen Caruso

    A Lebanon County Republican wants Pennsylvania to fall back — or is it spring forward? — from the twice yearly time changes that have been the norm for the past century.

    State Rep. Russ Diamond circulated a co-sponsorship memo Monday looking for allies to eliminate the custom, first implemented in 1918. At the time, proponents said it would save energy by shifting more activities into the day during summer.

    “Changing clocks twice every year simply because ‘we’ve always done it that way’ is not enough reason to continue the practice,” Diamond wrote in his memo.

    He also cites research that shows lost productivity and other downsides from the “government-mandated interruptions of natural biological rhythms.”

    A 2008 study from the National Bureau of Economic Research looked at the switch to daylight saving in Indiana and found that energy use actually increased by 1 percent. This was due to increased demand for heating and cooling during the day, according to the study.

    All but two states — Arizona and Hawaii — do not observe daylight saving time. Under federal law, each state can choose whether or not it will follow the rule.

    At least three — Nevada, Florida and California — have approved permanent daylight saving time, subject to changes to federal law.


    1. Don’t do that! Make Daylight Savings time permanent! Everyone that I know would love to be on Daylight Savings time all year!

    2. Please do it!
      It will put people into better moods and be healthier for all of the population.

      Please look let me know if I can help you in anyway Rep Russ Diamond.


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