Nick Field

Nick Field

Correspondent Nick Field covers Philadelphia and its suburbs for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

Key: Navy - D+5,000 or more, Blue - D+1,001 to D+4,999, Light Skyblue - D+1 to D+1,000. Light Salmon - R+1 to R+1,000, Red - R+1,001 to R+4,999, Maroon - R+5,000 or more. (Map by Nick Field via Dave’s Redistricting)

Voter Registration Update: On the eve of critical midterms, Dems show signs of life 

By: - November 3, 2022

Much can change in just five months -- and it has. Here's a look at the state play and its impact on Pa.'s key races.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman campaigns in Bristol, Pa.., on Sunday, 10/9/22 (Capital-Star photo by Nick Field)

In must-win suburban Philly, Fetterman criticizes Oz on residency, rallies the faithful

By: - October 9, 2022

With New Jersey in view, the Democrat took advantage of geography.

Key: Blue - Democratic in both November 1998 and July 2022. Light Sky Blue - Republican in November 1998 and Democratic in July 2022. Light Salmon - Democratic in November 1998 and Republican in July 2022. Red - Republican in both November 1998 and July 2022.

Voter Registration Review: The changing complexion of Pa.’s voter rolls from 1998 to 2022

By: - July 25, 2022

How has voter registration in Pennsylvania changed over the last 20-plus years? We crunched the numbers and made some surprising finds.

Voter Registration Update: Pa. GOP further narrows Dems’ registration edge

By: - May 16, 2022

These are concerning numbers for Pennsylvania Democrats. The party must find a way to pick up the pace, especially in the vote-rich Southeast.

Voter Registration Update: Latest data shows a strong summer for the GOP

By: - October 27, 2021

As of last week, Pa. had 4 million registered Democrats and 3.4 million registered Republicans.

‘The Big lie is just that, a big lie’: In Philly, Biden calls for concerted effort to fight assaults on voting rights

By: , and - July 13, 2021

“Make no mistake, bullies and merchants of fear, peddlers of lies, are threatening the very foundation of our country,” Biden cautioned. 

Voter Registration Update: Pa. Dems bounce back from 2020 lull | Analysis

By: - June 27, 2021

A quiet spring brings encouraging seeds for Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party.

Biden celebrates Amtrak’s 50th birthday and pitches more rail investment in Philadelphia

By: - April 30, 2021

Friday afternoon was a confluence of passions for President Joe Biden, as he marked his 101st day in office by celebrating Amtrak’s 50th anniversary at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

‘More help is on the way’: In the Philly ‘burbs, Biden touts benefits of $1.9T COVID relief bill

By: and - March 16, 2021

President Joe Biden returned to Pennsylvania on Tuesday, where he sold the benefits of the administration’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan. “More help is on the way,” Biden said, as he toured Smith Flooring, Inc., a Black-owned union shop in Chester, Pa., Delaware County, that supplies and installs flooring. According to White House pool reports, […]

Two maps collide as post-election purge overpowers GOP exodus | Analysis

By: - February 26, 2021

The latest voter registration update is what happens when two separate trends collide.

Pa. Rep. Scanlon takes questions on COVID, Capitol riot, and schools during town hall

By: - January 26, 2021

More than 3,250 constituents called into the town hall, according to her office, and about a dozen ultimately got a chance to ask a question. 

‘It’s Game Day’: Biden hits the Philly ‘burbs with 10 days to go

By: - October 24, 2020

During a campaign stop in the hotly contested Philadelphia suburbs, Biden and Trump supporters held dueling rallies on Saturday.