Lloyd E. Sheaffer

Lloyd E. Sheaffer


Mastriano’s plan to arm teachers is the ultimate madness | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - July 27, 2022

Teachers are already leaving the profession in waves. This will only hasten the exodus.


What the GOP and a Greek tragedy have in common | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - June 29, 2022

Today’s partisans in the MAGA movement are little more than actors in an updated version of a Greek tragedy directed by an unqualified, power hungry, dissembling, narcissistic, demagogic, would-be despot.


Ubuntu: What it is, and why we could use more of it in public life | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - May 26, 2022

We are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye. We can't let our toxic politics destroy that.

Lack of confidence in U.S. elections is just one example of the danger to democracy posed by misinformation and disinformation, much of it spread by social media. (Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

What to do about those less than Christ-like ‘Christian’ churches? | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - April 29, 2022

Beyond misconstruing and misusing the Gospel's message, Christian nationalists pose a threat to peace in our nation.


The job is hard enough. Let teachers teach | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - March 22, 2022

If I were teaching now, I'm not sure that I'd stay want to stay in the profession, a 32-year veteran educator says.


As the pandemic loosens its grip, it’s time to reengage with the world | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - February 24, 2022

As Gustave Flaubert noted, 'Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.'


Get real, Republicans. Americans elected you to work, not obstruct | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - January 26, 2022

And then you can stop spreading the Big Lie and defend democracy like Real Republicans would.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or not | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - December 21, 2021

While decorated trees, flying reindeer, perilous gift shopping excursions, and an overweight hirsute elf receive much of the holiday adulation, we should not forget that Christmas is at its heart a religious commemoration for Christians, the birth of Jesus, the Christ. For believers, Christmas is much more than a time that represents, on average, 19% of retail sales for a year.


2021: Our year of irony and tragedy | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - November 18, 2021

Pay attention; be informed; take action to avoid the impending calamity. It’s the only way we can keep our republic.


We need you, face to face, please get vaccinated | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - October 17, 2021

Having been liberated—or at least paroled—from their Zoom prison cells, people are beginning to act like, well, people again.


Because we are involved in mankind . . . Wear a mask | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - August 27, 2021

Tone down your bombast and put on a mask. Make a noble sacrifice. You are worth it. We all are worth it.


The fight over critical race theory is a solution in search of a problem | Lloyd E. Sheaffer

By: - July 23, 2021

The GOP, traditionally seen as the “Grand Old Party” has devolved into the “Groveling Orange Party.”