Cassie Miller

Cassie Miller

A native Pennsylvanian, Cassie Miller worked for various publications across the Midstate before joining the team at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. In her previous roles, she has covered everything from local sports to the financial services industry.

Five Big Takeaways from Gov. Tom Wolf’s 6th budget address

By: - February 4, 2020

Gov. Tom Wolf had a few surprises in his more than $36 billion budget proposal announced Tuesday at the Capital for the fiscal year beginning July 1. 

‘There’s no blueprint’ Capital-Star convenes forum on gun violence

By: - January 30, 2020

The first forum, which discussed the issue of gun violence in Pennsylvania, was joined by a 5-member panel of experts that weighed in on the issue. 

Pennsylvanians believe access is key to gov’t transparency; F&M poll shows | The Numbers Racket

By: - January 30, 2020

A majority of Pennsylvanians believe it is their right as citizens to obtain government information with few restrictions, a new Franklin & Marshall poll concluded.

Wolf renews push for RESTORE PA plan ahead of budget talks

By: - January 28, 2020

During a stop at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency on Tuesday, Wolf called on lawmakers to pass his stalled, $4.5 billion infrastructure bill, arguing that the start of budget season and the state’s approaching rainy season is a perfect time to revive it. 

Workforce recommendations will be a key part of budget proposal, Wolf says

By: - January 27, 2020

Wolf presented the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center’s report on Pennsylvania’s workforce. The Command Center, which was created last February, made 42 recommendations and outlined five barriers to employment.   

Harrisburg’s new monument a testament to 15th and 19th amendment and the old 8th Ward

By: - January 27, 2020

The new monument will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 15th amendment and the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted the right to vote, respectively to African Americans and women.

‘I want to let the evidence do the talking,’ Pa. Sen. Bob Casey says as Trump impeachment rolls into third day

By: - January 23, 2020

Speaking to home state reporters, the Scranton lawmaker said that he and his colleagues were listening attentively as House impeachment managers made their arguments that stretched over eight hours on Wednesday. “It’s our obligation to sit and to listen,” Casey said.

How the 2020 census could impact Pa.’s redistricting efforts

By: - January 23, 2020

The answer, redistricting reform advocates say, is in the accuracy of the count.

Pa. Republican Rep Cris Dush joins race for Auditor General

By: - January 22, 2020

On Tuesday, the Jefferson County lawmaker became the third Republican, and eight candidate overall, to jump into the 2020 race for Pennsylvania auditor general.

Philadelphia: the reigning champ of MLK day in Pa. | The Numbers Racket

By: - January 20, 2020

The holiday that falls on the third Monday in January was first celebrated on Jan. 20, 1986 after King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, and musician Stevie Wonder petitioned more than 6 million people to get then-President Ronald Reagan to sign off (signed in 1983) on making MLK day a federal holiday.

Cocaine, marijuana and heroin topped fourth quarter drug seizures | The Numbers Racket

By: - January 16, 2020

This week, The Pennsylvania State Police released their drug seizure totals for the fourth quarter of 2019.  The numbers included the confiscation of illegal drugs from highways and communities across the state. Check out this week’s Number’s Racket:

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney endorses Pittsburgh’s Michael Lamb as Auditor General race heats up

By: - January 15, 2020

The race for Pennsylvania’s Auditor General seat ramped up Wednesday with two-term Philadelphia’s two-term Democratic mayor, Jim Kenney, endorsing western Pennsylvania’s Michael Lamb for the row office position.