Casey Quinlan

Casey Quinlan

Casey Quinlan is the national economy reporter for States Newsroom, which supports the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

A proposed reduction to Pennsylvania's corporate net income tax could be included in this year's state budget.

Study: States that limit business with banks that ‘boycott’ fossil fuels could pay high cost

By: - January 13, 2023

Republican state policymakers’ efforts to boost fossil fuels by prohibiting their governments from doing business with companies that take sustainability into consideration has the potential to cost states millions, according to a study released Thursday. Researchers looked specifically at the possible effects on Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and West Virginia if they passed Texas-like […]

Here’s what you need to know about new workplace protections for pregnant, nursing workers

By: - January 5, 2023

U.S. Sens. Bob Casey, D-Pa., and Bill Cassidy, R-La., co-sponsored the measure strengthening pregnant workers’ rights.

In November, Colorado voters passed Prop 123, which will allow 0.1% of the state income tax rate to be used to increase the affordable housing stock among other provisions to help the unhoused. This man, who was living in an encampment in Boulder last year, said he had been on a housing wait list for a long time. (Derek Miles for Colorado Newsline)

Voters embraced affordable housing initiatives. Advocates say Congress should do the same.

By: - January 1, 2023

'It's a structural problem with the housing market, where housing prices keep going up, costs of construction have increased, and incomes haven't necessarily kept up with that part of the market,' an expert said.

Workers with SEIU Local 105 rally in support of a federal minimum wage hike outside Colorado Sen. John Hickenlooper’s Denver office on March 2, 2021. (Chase Woodruff/Colorado Newsline)

Child poverty rates highest in states that haven’t raised minimum wage

By: - December 25, 2022

Of the 20 states that have failed to raise the minimum wage above the federal $7.25 an hour standard, 16 have more than 12% of their children living in poverty, according to a States Newsroom analysis of wage and poverty data. Anti-poverty advocates say that’s a sign that there’s an urgent need for lawmakers to […]

Medicare recipients who take insulin will be the first to benefit from the drug pricing provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act. Additional drug costs will start to decrease in 2026. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Here’s when drug prices will start to decrease for Medicare recipients | Analysis

By: - December 5, 2022

Medicare patients spent $1 billion on insulin in 2020, according to Kaiser Family Foundation.

Two communities find a cure for medical debt: pandemic stimulus funds

By: - November 19, 2022

In Pennsylvania, 10.42 percent of the Keystone State's population carried medical debt, with an average debt of $1,473.

The Fed raises interest rates again, signals more coming despite pressure to slow the pace

By: - November 3, 2022

The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that in its continuing efforts to tamp down inflation, it would raise interest rates yet again by another three-quarters of a point to a target range of 3.75 to 4 percent. Federal Reserve Chairperson Jerome Powell said during a press conference following the announcement that the “historically fast pace” […]

Emily Withnall was living in Montana when she contracted COVID-19. In the two years since then, she's moved to New Mexico and found a job but says she's also experienced a laundry list of symptoms that have hampered her ability to live, work and provide for her family. (Photo by Gino Gutierrez)

Millions of workers are dealing with long COVID. Advocates call for expanding social safety net

By: - October 23, 2022

Sixteen million people of working age in the U.S. suffer with long COVID and of those, from 2 to 4 million people were unemployed in June and July.

Costs of incarceration rise as inflation squeezes inmates, families

By: - October 16, 2022

Advocates, prisoners, and families are pushing for policy changes to bring commissary prices down. Lawmakers are starting to listen.

GOP leaders target ‘woke’ investments through state pension funds

By: - September 19, 2022

Republicans are arguing that financial managers are putting ideology ahead of making money.