Allison Stevens Capital-Star Washington Bureau

Allison Stevens Capital-Star Washington Bureau

COVID-19 threatens census. At stake: money, political power

By: - April 1, 2020

The pandemic threatens to make the count even more difficult than usual, which could exacerbate the inequitable distribution of resources among states.

Pa.’s Toomey, Casey both vote yes as Congress clears 2nd major coronavirus package; 3rd in the works

By: - March 18, 2020

The multi-billion dollar measure aims to slow the spread of a new coronavirus and stimulate the economy as a major recession looms.

Pa.’s Fitzpatrick leads U.S. House in bipartisanship, new rankings show

By: - February 21, 2020

As a representative of one of the more competitive House seats in the country, he has a political incentive to do so, one expert said.

Pa.’s Toomey, Casey split on bipartisan Senate vote to limit Trump’s war-making authority

By: - February 13, 2020

The White House vowed to veto the rare bipartisan rebuke issued by the Senate in response to the American assassination of an Iranian military commander.

On Capitol Hill, Pa. Dems advance pro-union reforms with an eye toward Nov. elections

By: - February 6, 2020

WASHINGTON — Buried under news about the Iowa caucuses, the president’s State of the Union address and the end of the impeachment trial is an upcoming vote on what could be the most significant labor reform legislation in generations. The U.S. House bill would strengthen protections for workers who organize for higher wages, better benefits […]

Congress is talking about paid family leave. Will they do anything? 

By: - January 29, 2020

Democrats and Republicans in Congress seem to agree on expanding access to paid family leave. But they disagree on how to do it. 

Pennsylvania lawmaker aims to stamp out hair-based discrimination

By: - January 26, 2020

Backers say the anti-discrimination bill would improve equity in education, employment, housing and other public programs.

Pa’s Fitzpatrick’s votes with Dems to torpedo DeVos student loan rule

By: and - January 16, 2020

Republicans said the bill, which faces a White House veto, was another Democratic attempt to undermine President Donald Trump during impeachment.

U.S. House votes to crack down on toxic PFAS chemicals; Trump threatens veto

By: - January 10, 2020

The bill has little prospect of passage in the majority-Republican U.S. Senate. The Trump White House has threatened a veto.

Census 2020: Pa. is expected to lose a seat in Congress. Here’s why that’s a huge deal

By: - January 9, 2020

With about 13 million people as of last year, Pennsylvania is the nation’s 5th most populous state. But other states, particularly those in the Sun Belt, are growing faster.

Trump has appointed conservative judges at a breakneck speed. More are coming

By: - December 27, 2019

The GOP-controlled Senate has pushed through judges at surprising speed. But it's a 'legislative graveyard' for bills coming from the Democratic U.S. House.