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Let’s not get fooled again: Fight the lies by learning to recognize the truth...

We can send the liars packing by committing ourselves to the truth. Let’s not get fooled again.

Hitting the books: Ex-Cheyney student returns to school to finish her degree during the...

When the coronavirus pandemic required everyone to stay at home last year, Sharlet Kennedy-Blalock used her time to complete the degree she started to pursue at Cheyney University almost two decades ago.

In 2021, tell your lawmakers to put Pa.’s people first | Opinion

Let our legislative leaders know: we want rules that enable collaboration on solutions, not rules that let bad bills fly forward while good bills never get a vote. 

How COVID-19 hollowed out a generation of young Black men

They were pillars of their communities and families, and they are not replaceable. To understand why COVID-19 killed so many young Black men, you need to know the legend of John Henry.

In elections, education, like demographics, is now political destiny | Mark O’Keefe

It seems inevitable, for now anyway, that education levels will take their place among gender, race, and income levels in determining how elections are won and lost.

In season of sharing, Pa. must show it cares | Opinion

Specifically, we propose allocating more than $1 billion towards unemployment compensation protection, as so many Pennsylvanians have lost jobs and income over the course of the pandemic. We propose $800 million in business assistance, including $300 million for taverns and restaurants so they can pay workers and rent, and be in a position to reopen safely. And we propose more than $100 million for housing assistance. Housing is a human right, and we must make affordable housing accessible always – but especially right now. 

Study finds age, religion, politics impact LGBTQ acceptance

By Michelle Zipkin While many societies and governments around the world have learned to accept LGBTQ+ communities, many others condemn homosexuality and deem homosexual behavior...

The daunting task of reshaping PASSHE | Opinion

The 14-school system’s enrollment has plunged by 21 percent from its 2010 peak of 119,513 students. But while the student census has, on net, fallen precipitously, commensurate reductions in faculty, other staffing and standalone institutions that kept costs unacceptably high were not considered. 

What Pgh’s LGBTQ organizers and legislators say must be done post-election

While a Biden victory will mean some wins for the the LGBTQ community, such as overturning Trump’s anti-trans policies, local Pittsburgh leaders and elected officials still realize there are many goals to accomplish, and the fight for equality continues.

Studies show LGBTQ people at higher risk of eating disorders, self-harm

Research shows that eating disorders, thoughts of self-harm and suicide attempts are higher among LGBTQ+-identified individuals.