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Fayette County was already struggling. Now the pandemic could break it | Mark O’Keefe

Fayette County's residents were already struggling with a poor economy and high unemployment. Then the pandemic hit.

Pa. prosecutor slams Trump for ‘treasonous violence,’ says he’s left the GOP | Wednesday...

'There is a sickness in our nation which must be thoughtfully and skillfully confronted,' Franklin County District Attorney Matt Fogal said in a forceful statement.

Third time’s the charm? Census count deadline moves … again

The new projected reporting date of March 6 is nearly a month after the Feb. 9 projected date offered by the Bureau to a federal judge last week. 

Going into a new year, the Pittsburgh schools’ fiscal challenges are familiar | Opinion

The school district has a long way to go to address it high expenditures

The Big Buy-In: How cultural competency and cultural humility wins elections | Ana White

This year's candidates will have to become clear navigators in their own limitations while holding up strong partnerships with respected culturally knowledgeable stakeholders.

Pa. brought down enforcement hammer on restaurants that defied indoor dining ban | Wednesday...

"For the new year, I hope it’s going to be a little bit better than 2020, because 2020 was a disaster," one restaurant owner says.

Where’s the count? An update on the status of the 2020 Census

Since the 2020 Census count ended in mid-October, the U.S. Census Bureau has been working to process the data it collected. That’s a trying...

In central Pa. school district, the debate over Native American team nicknames comes home

“This is a human rights and human dignity issue,” Berthold said. “To me, it does not seem decent to categorize Native Americans as Red Raiders.”

CapStar Q+A: Pa. House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton on bipartisanship, redistricting

Even if lawmakers are out of town, Harrisburg has stayed busy since the election. The 2020 election has been relitigated, a budget passed, and...

The daunting task of reshaping PASSHE | Opinion

The 14-school system’s enrollment has plunged by 21 percent from its 2010 peak of 119,513 students. But while the student census has, on net, fallen precipitously, commensurate reductions in faculty, other staffing and standalone institutions that kept costs unacceptably high were not considered.